Vymrl is the 11th god of existence and is the embodiment of "Ice."

Information BlockEdit

Name: Vymrl

Gerater Domains: Ice, War, Time

Moderate Domains: Conquest

Lesser Domains: N/A

Shared Domains: N/A

Alignment: Unaligned

Physical Appearance: A twelve foot tall man with bronze skin. His eyes are ice crystals, and his breath and words freeze the air.

Symbol: Six black lines pared together in threes with a seventh line passing through the intersection.


Vyrml came into being from a Divine Egg, created by Yoglith the Changing. Vymrl holds dominance over all things icy and cold, every chill finger is his.

Recently Vymrl took the dominion over conquest, bringing the first hint of mortal strife into the world. Soon after, he layed claim to War, and 5,000 years after that, Vymrl took dominance of Time as well.

As a massive Horde of Vyrane prepare to fall upon the Golden Hills, Vymrl and Nocturne have entered upon an alliance, the warforged and Nightcrawlers of Nocturne aiding the Vyrane in establishing a powerful and secure empire.

With the defeat of the Frozen Horde, the Vyrane have scattered. Most returned to Chillund Archepeligo, where the Imperium begins to take shape.

The Imperium, after rebuilding for thousands of years, has launched a second war. It seized half of the Humite lands, but was driven back by the Loremasters and humans of Alexandria.

Following their stinging defeat, a select group of Senators has ordered the development of Flesh-bending. This art forms new creatures for the Imperium to master, usually for war.



Ssabrec: The Living City (Nourish)

Niflendar Flamborge (Combat)

Flesh Pools of Asem (Spawn)

Hellrime Codex (Source of Magic)


Light Child (Nourish)

S'kre: Dark Child (Combat)


The only scion of Vymrl is Valence-Cro, the first discoverer of Iron.  With this powerful secret Valence-Cro has lead his clan to conquer many of the surrounding tribes, establishing dominance over the Southern lands of Chillund Glacier.

Races and People-GroupsEdit

The Vyrmosk, Titans of the Chillund Glacier, are the first and greatest children of Vymrl.  In the last turn of the Pillar, the Vyrmosk have learned the arts of Iron working, though the secrets remain primarily in control of the Cro, Ssa and Vray clans.

Choactress, Lord of Flame has Shattered Chillund Glacier, transforming it into an archepeligo.  The clans Cro and Ssa became the Vyrane, masters of Sword and Spell lead by the immortal S'kre, the Dark Child.

The Vray learned the arts of Clercism, and taught it to the Vyrane.


The only beasts yet spawned from the might of Vymrl are the Frost Seals.

Mada: Required for Flesh-bending

Eldacs: Spider-Elk

Myrw: Flying Worms

Misc CreationsEdit