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The Ziggurat of Drahthor: A massive obsidian structure with a base of over a square mile, the Ziggurat rises out of the center of the lake of fire from which the God rules his realm. The strucuture has 4 smooth sides that rise up from the base until eventually coming to a platform at the peak that is roughly 1/10th of a square mile. At a quarter of the way up from the base to the ceiling on all 4 sides extends arched obsidian bridges to the rim of the cavern. Each bridge is a full quarter mile wide and where they meet the pyramid a steep series of steps as wide as the bridge ascended to halfway up the structure where they each intersected a large arched doorway at least as tall as 5 men. Within the arches sit thick solid steel doors with the symbol of Drahthor engraved upon there surface, and beyond them a labyrinth of twisting tunnels and rooms fill the structure. The entire building is alive, and starting at the top and spiraling down to the base was a self-updating series of carvings depicting the life of the God of Destruction and Creation. This structure provides a PP bonus to spawn actions and also acts as the focal point for the asteroid in which it sits gravity and ley lines.



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