Truly gates to Riot, the Plane of Life, the stars rain life energy upon the mortal world. Within the stars are writ constellations of great power, the echoes of whgich are felt by mortals.

The ConstellationsEdit

The stars imbue many mortals with their power, if your DM allows backgrounds you may instead choose a Constellation Benefit.

  • Will of the Life God - You are imbued with the purpose of Xirinet and find that against the greatest horrors you stand strong. You gain a +1 bonus to saving throws and gain +1 bonus to defenses when bloodied, add Nature to your list of class skills. The Will of the Life God is common among humans and those born in the Shattered Lands, those touched by this power find themselves forever seeking greater challenges.
  • Talent of the Firstborn - Touched with Veros' gift you find magic comes easily to you, and that death looks past you to less gifted individuals. You have a +2 bonus to Arcane skill checks, and succeed on death saves on an 18, 19, or 20. The Talent of the Firstborn manifests in the firstborn of many families and those gifted by it are often brilliant and excel at the magical arts.
  • Resolve of the White Lord - You have power from the god Shurka and can recover from what would fall a weaker warrior. When bloodied, you gain a +2 bonus to fortitude and will. You may add Heal to your class skills, and your maximum health increases by 3. The Resolve of the White Lord is most common with humites and healers of any race, and those with this power have the potential to endure through any punishment.