The Hydra Society. Edit

Born during Hensen pilgrimage across the world during the first age of his existence, the Society still at its fledgling state, is mostly composed of Intellectual and Philosophers devout to Hensen faith.

Aphorisms Edit

"Always promote change, stasis is death"

"A mortal have the right and duty to shape his own fate"

"Our purpose is not to be the shapers of history, but assist those whiling to do that"

"Look at the Aurora, it might reveal you glimpses of the future"

Members Edit

Currently the organization is composed by limited number of Humans and Eladrin. It also has a foothold in the Free Nations and Terena.

History Edit

History LoC Edit

+1 Nourish (Humans), the organization is created

+1 Nourish (Eladrin), the organization expand to the eladrin culture.

+1 Guide (Hydra Society), the Organization worship Hensen.

+1 Nourish (from Bloodstones), Hydra Society spread to the Free Nations.

+1 Guide (from Aether Ripples), Hydra Society learn ritual casting from the Free nations.

+1 Create An Hydra society previously unknown ritualist managed to create a new item of power, the Lenses of Fate, this item is capable of sensing the potential of mortal creatures, and show the wielder how to "awaken" it, leading that person to greatness.

+1 Nourish, Hydra Society gain a foothold in Terena+1 Guide, Hydra Society learn divination (cultural contact)

Encounters Edit

Hydra Enforcer Level 4 Soldier

Hydra Black Ops Level 3 Lurker

Hydra Motivator Level 5 Leader

Hydra Battlecrafter Level 6 Leader\Artillery

Hydra Change Shephard Level 10 Soldier\Leader


Adventures Edit