Siccadan is the 24th god of creation and in the supreme purveyor of Language and Books

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Name: Siccadan

Greater Domains: N/A

Moderate Domains: Language

Lesser Domains: Books

Shared Domains: N/A

Alignment: Unaligned

Physical Description: A very old man with a long, thin beard. He wears voluminous robes that are deep blue, and trimmed with silver. He carries around a massive tome in which he writes ever word ever spoken, and a few that he has invented himself.

Symbol: A stylized "A" (or the first letter of the worshipper's alphabet).

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Gnomes: This tiny race of literary minded-individuals are words incarnate, and each one has their own words. This becomes their name. It could be anything, from "Speak" to "Tree" to something more out of the ordinary, like "Yellow" or "Pernicious", as long as the gnome identifies personally with the word. This is why, until they come of age, gnomes are named after the first sound they make, words or otherwise, meaning many infantile gnomes run around with names like "Ga" or "Nya". These however, are merely onomatopoeic expressions of what the parents hear, and are not always altogether accurate.

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