Racktheran are spider-like creations of Drahthor


Created by the Lord of Destruction and Creation Drahthor, the Racktheran were the first creatures created to help serve as the basis of the ecosystem in his asteroid beyond the aether.


From deep within the obsidian ziggurat a strange breed of insect emerged. Grey with six legs, standing roughly three feet tall and roughly the same in length, these creatures and long slender legs that were coated in hair. The beings had three abdomens, a forward with with a mandibled jaw and a series of eight eyes located on it, a central one upon which the legs met, and the rear one that proved to be the most interesting. The rear abdomen was made of a rigid durable yet translucent material. Within the abdomen could be seen a strange liquid, a chemical compound made when the Racktheran digest the Phorus plants. The strange glowing compound acts as a form of nectar for the creatures, as well as allowing it to spit an acidic compound at its opponents.


Racktheran Venomspitter Level 5 Brute (xp 200)

Small natural beast

Initiative +6

Senses Perception +2; darkvision

HP 78; Bloodied 39

AC 17; Fortitude 17; Reflex 16; Will 13

Immune: acid, poison.

Speed 6; see also Spider Skitter

Bite (standard; at-will; basic melee)

+9 vs. AC; 1d10 + 3 damage.

Spider Skitter (move; encounter)

The Racktheran Venomspitter shifts 4 squares, and can make one free bite attack at any time during the movement.

Acid Breath (standard; encounter)

Close Blast 3, +7 vs. Reflex. 2d8 + 4 acid damage, plus 5 ongoing acid damage (save ends.)

Venom Burst (immediate reaction; upon death)

Close Burst 1, +7 vs. Fort. 1d10 +4 damage, and targets of this attack are dazed (save ends).

Alignment Unaligned

Languages None

Skills Stealth +12

Str 17 (+5); Con 18 (+6); Dex 16 (+5); Int 12 (+3); Wis 10 (+3); Cha 10 (+3)