This is a list of all PP expenditures in the game, with appropriate citation and wiki-links when possible.

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Week of 22-28Edit

Feb 26thEdit

  • 3pp, Form Domain (Greater): Magic - Veros created the Greater Domain of Magic (3)
  • 3pp, Mold Land (Greater) - Veros created a featureless continent of bare stone (3)
  • 1pp, Form Domain (Lesser): Pain - Chactross created the Lesser Domain of Pain (4)
  • 3pp, Mold Land (Greater): Chactross created an ocean around Veros' baren continent in order to ease its pain. The ocean failed in that respect(4)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Xa'an nourished the void in order to produce aether (5)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Xa'an nourished the aether in order to produce aether-plants (5)
  • 4pp, Ascend God: Oreb Nahash - Xa'an rewarded his dreams by giving them independence, creating the god of dreams (5)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Unknown nourished aether to create primative mold. (6)
  • 1pp, Mold Land - Oravalos created an island in the Aether (7)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Oravalos nourished this new land, causing the surrounding aether-plants to change and latch onto it, becoming plants more properly (7)
  • 2pp, Form Domain (Moderate): Evolution - Oravalos create the Evolution domain (7)
  • 1pp, Nourish Populace - Absence nourished the mold that had been created before to spread it and encourage it to break down existence (8)
  • 4pp, Create Plane (Greater): The Place Behind the World - Oreb Nahash created a plane for dreams to exist in (9)
  • 2pp, Create Artifact (Moderate): The Gates of Horn and Ivory - Oreb Nahash created gateways to connect the mortal world to the Plane of Dreams, otherwise known as the Place Behind the World (9)
  • 3pp, Form Domain (Greater): Secrets - Veros crafted the concept of secrets (10)
  • 2pp, Mold Land (Moderate) - Neko created a bankless river that flows in a ring around the waters and land below (13)
  • 2pp, Form Domain (Moderate): Language - Neko took hold of the concept of Language (15)

Feb 27thEdit

  • 2pp, Mold Land (Moderate) - Chactross created a large pillar of fire on Veros' Continent, ove a thousand feet high. This caused the Pillar to become the center of existence. (32)
  • 2pp, Nourish Land X 2 - Unknown caused mold spores to land on the continent and ocean and they spread, beginning to cover them both in mold-blankets (33)
  • 1pp, Denourish Land - Xa'an denourished Chactross' Pillar of Fire, removing the light from it so that it was a dark flame unable to illuminate (34)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Xa'an created creatures in the aether to swim around and live quickly, hoping that the flittering nature of these things might distract Chactross from pursuing him and stealing more light (34)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Neko nourished the orbital river, creating a basic eco system in which the coral and mold began to thrive (38)
  • 2pp, Create Lesser Plane: The Well of Time - The god Yoglith came from this demi-plane, the entrance of which happened to be under Chactross' Pillar. All time flows from it (39)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Pyre Beetles - Yoglith enhanced the aether creatures to be more resillient to damage, making them predators of other creatures of the upper airs (39)
  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): A Divine Egg - Yoglith laid an egg while sleeping (39)
  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Temporal Harmonizer - Yoglith created a device within The Well of Time to order the flow of time throughout the universe, creating a single constant march of time (39)

Feb 28thEdit

  • 3pp, Create Template - Unknown created spores that could infect creatures, making them more ferocious and aggressive (40)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Xa'an nourished the area around Veros' continent and Chactross' ocean, adding a layer of air to protect the aether from the harsher elements (41)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Absence created anti-material mold/ooze creatures to destroy existence (45)


Week of March 1st to 7thEdit

March 1stEdit

  • 2pp, Spawn Beast (Moderate): Wisps - The newly awakened god, Shurka, created Wisps in order to heal the damage caused by the creations of the Unknown god (46)
  • 1pp, Mold Land (Lesser): The Godsarm River - Neko lashed another rive across Veros' continent (50)
  • 3pp, Mold Land (Greater) - Neko slightly sunk Veros' continent, causing it to be a vast marshland (50)

March 2ndEdit

  • 3pp, Form Domain (Greater): Balance - Orvalos created the Balance domain to keep the world in check (60)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Aether Stirges - Orvalos created special aether Stirges in order to help his plants survive in the new "air" (60)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Shrieker Fungus - The Unknown god created Shrieker fungus in the Marshlands of Veros and Neko (61)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Violet Fungus - The Unknown god created Violet fungus in the Marshlands of Veros and Neko (61)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Fungal Creatures - The Unknown god encouraged fungal creatures to spread (61)
  • 4pp, Ascend God: Vymrl - Yoglith laid an egg that would hatch into Vymrl. He commands it. (68)
  • 3pp, Mold Land (Greater) - Xa'an created a giant meteor swarm in the hopes of restoring dry land to Veros' continent. The meteors missed and came to orbit the place. (71)
  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Gates of Ivory and Horn - Oreb Nahash enhanced the gates to the Dream Realm so that they might manifest a portion of it into the real world, on the edges of the existing land and ocean (80)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Dream Ravens - Oreb Nahash created dream creatures in the shape of ravens to fly between the dream realm and the real world (80)
  • 3pp, Mold Land (Greater) - Veros, with the aid given him by Chactross and Xa'an, created a swarm of gemstones that circle the Pillar of Fire (91), (94), (97)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Indigo Fungus - The Unknown god created Indigo Fungus to partner with the Shriekers it had already formed (99)
  • 3pp, Mold Land (Greater): Chill Glacier - The new god, Vymrl, froze a portion of the ocean in order to form Chill Glacier. (100)

March 3rdEdit

  • 3pp, Mold Land (Greater) - Veros created three large islands over the continent that Neko sunk (109)
  • 1pp, Mold Land (Lesser) - Shurka created a small island, like those that Veros had crafted, to claim as its own (112)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Shurka nourished the land he had just created to give it basic life (112)

March 4thEdit

  • 3pp, Create Artifact: Pillar of Fire - Chactross imbued his pillar of flame with magic, turning it into an artifact capable of producing 1 Nourish PP per turn (117)
  • 2pp, Form Domain (Moderate): Psionic - The Unknown god became aware, touching the minds of those around it in order to communicate (118)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Oravalos nourished the aether, creating Valin Tree forests that harvested the aether and deposted it in bulbs at their roots (122)
  • 2pp, Spawn Beast (Moderate): Aether Rays - Oravalos created aether rays, huge flying beasts that munched upon the Valin trees (122)
  • 2pp, Mold Land (Moderate) - The new god, Nocturne, created a giant mass of floating black light crystals. These spewed out harsh darkness; wherever objects blocked this substance, the shadow was light (130)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Frost Seals - Vymrl created Frost Seals, a food source for his Frost Titans (131)

March 5thEdit

  • 2pp, Shape Populace (Lesser): Chronoptera - Yoglith created the Chronoptera, which are collective conciousness creatures (133)
  • 2pp, Create Artifact (moderate): Original Chronotpera Hive - Yoglith created the first hive mind of the Chronotpera, which joined him with the hive and allows him to use it as a weapon (133)
  • 2pp, Form Domain (Moderate): Undeath -Nocturne created the undeath domain in order to help spirits caught between life and death (140)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Wraiths - Nocturne created wraiths to house the essences of creatures who had died but were unable to move on (140)
  • 2pp, Spawn Beast (Moderate): Skelk - Shurka created skelks to destroy the mold and fungus harming the world (141)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: The Ocean - Neko created basic Kelp and sea-based organisms to populate his waters (147)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Fish - Neko created fish to live in his waters (147)

March 6thEdit

  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (lesser): Fire Elementals - Parts of the Fire Monoliths of Chactross spawned off and became lesser Fire Elementals (149)
  • 4pp, Create Plane (Greater): Riot, the Plane of Life - Xirinet, a new god, created a plane in which the essence of life runs rampant (154)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Flickerfish Swarm - Xirinet created Flickerfish to help populate the world (154)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Shadowwing Swarm - Xirinet created Shadowwings to help populate the world (154)
  • 2pp, Create Plane (Lesser): Haldonys - Ythrexle created a demi-plane inside the Dream Realm where nightmares live (156)
  • 2pp, Create Plane (Lesser): Halcyis - Ythrexle created a demi-plane inside the Dream Realm where dreams of desures live (156)
  • 2pp, Spawn Beast (Moderate): Narsk - Ythrexle created dream shepherds (156)

March 7thEdit

  • 1pp, Nourish Land: The continent - Nocturne created air-processing trees, as different from the aetheric plants that had existed before (160)
  • 2pp, Spawn Beast (Moderate): Elder Things - Xa'an created Elder Things and attempted to use Yoglith's harmonizer to send them back to the beginning of time. Veros undid this without the Light knowing. (161)
  • 2pp, Mold Land (moderate) - Veros created a very large island about a mile above the continent. (162)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Veros Extended the layer of air to reach just below Oravalos's island. (162)
  • 3pp, Ascend Exarch: Observer - Nocturne created a powerful wraith-like creature to watch over the Well of Time (this exarch grants +1 combat bonus) (167)

Week of March 8-14Edit

March 8thEdit

  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Glow Worms - Xa'an created Glow Worms, parasites that produced light (190)

March 9thEdit

  • 2pp, Create Plane (Lesser) - The Unknown god created a demi-plane within which it could rest and mature. (231)
  • 2pp, Create Artifact (Moderate) - The Unknown god created an organ to help defend himself. (231)

March 10thEdit

  • 1pp, Mold Land (lesser) - Chactross created a volcano above the continent of Veros (249)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Volcano - Chactross nourished his volcano so that it would provide nutrients to the surrounding areas (249)
  • 4pp, Create Plane (Greater): Feywild - Eijra created the Feywild, a non-parallel plane. (250)
  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Dimensional Bulwark - Veros, with the aid of Yoglith, created an artifact capable of providing a gravity-like force and that, within itself, could negate the divine magic of PCs (256)
  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Azure Aegis - Veros, with the aid of Yoglith, created a barrier around air. (256)
  • 1pp, Form Domain (lesser): Force - Veros formed the Force domain and gave it to Yoglith. (256)
  • 12pp, Mold Land (Greater) x 4 -Vreos used the power of Neko, Xirinet, Xa'an, and Eijra to remake the world into a hollow sphere (256) (250) (248)
  • 2pp, Nourish Land x2 - Veros nourished the newly formed land with the aid of Xa'an (256) (248)
  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): The Storehouse of LightXa'an created a giant sphere that could absorb light and stores it. This device had the capability of then emitting that light back, as desired. He did this in response to the excessive illumination provided by the Pillar of Fire, creating the first Day and Night cycles in the process. (264)
  • 2pp, Spawn Beast (Moderate): TreentsShurka turned trees into moving, thinking creatures and gave these to Eijra. (272)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Civilization – Vymrl taught his Frosty creations the basics of civilizations, such as how to group together for mutual support. (275)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Volcano – Vymrl caused the Volcano that Chactross made to shower shards of ice onto the land. (282)

March 11thEdit

  • 1pp, Create Artifact (Lesser): Ring of Chactross – Chactross created a ring that allowed a hole to exist in the Azure Aegis, restoring the world a little to how it used to be. (297)
  • 4pp, Ascend God: Thans – Chactross, Oravalos, and Eijra combined their efforts in order to create a being of light and warmth; a sun god. Xa’an had offered a portion of his power for this task, but his offer was spurned by Eijra. (288) (289) (300) (294)
  • 2pp, Form Domain (Moderate): Technology – Nocturne created the technology domain after observing how Veros combined the Pillar of Fire and the dark light crystal. (304)
  • 3pp, Spawn Beast (Greater): Water Elementals – Neko created water elementals. (312)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Marsh – Neko expanded the ocean surrounding the original continent. (312)

March 12thEdit

  • 2pp, Shape Populace (Lesser): Halflings - Eijra created the Halflings to be healers of the world (316)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Healing - Shurka taught the Halflings how to heal wounds (323)

March 13th Edit

  • 4pp, Create Plane (Greater) - Chactross and Oravalos created an additional material plane into which Thans moved half the world (324), (325)
  • 6pp, Mold Land (Greater) x2 - Thans moved half the world that Veros reshaped into the second material plane. (314)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Oravalos nourished the land in the new dimension (325)
  • 1pp, gift - Xa'an gave Thans a speck of his power, as a sign that he bore the new god no ill will for being created apart from the light. (327)
  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Stars - Xirinet created windows between the material world and the realm of Riot. These gave him a +1pp towards nourish actions. (330)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land - Xirinet commanded fresh water in the form of rain to fall on the newly formed world (330)
  • 3pp, Ascend Exarch: Omtur - The new god, Frellisk, created a servant from a dying tree. This exarch generates 1pp towards nourish actions. (332)
  • 3pp, Ascend Exarch: Omtur - Frellisk put even more power into Omtur, granting the exarch a +1 combat bonus. (332)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Grains - Thans created grains to grow in the world for food for the Halflings (341)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Iron deposits - Vymrl caused the volcano to produce iron that mortals could gather (347)
  • 2pp, Shape Populace: Dopplegangers - Veros created shapeshifting beings to blend into existing societies. (348)

March 14thEdit

  • 2pp, Create Artifact (moderate): Embryonic shell - The Unknown god created a casing for itself (351)
  • 1pp, Nourish Populace: Halflings - Eijra increased the numbers of the Halflings significantly (355)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Argiculture - Eijra taught the Halflings how to farm the grains that they found in the wild (355)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Metalworking - Vyrml taught his people how to turn iron ore into useful objects (356)
  • 2pp, Form Domain (moderate) - Vymrl claimed the Conquest domain (356)
  • 2pp, Mold Land (Moderate) - Xirinet created a plateu (370)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Plateu - Xirinet populated his plateu with trees (Oak, Birch, Pine, and Apple) (370)
  • 3pp, Spawn Beast (Greater): Swordwings - With the aid of the Divine Egg, Yoglith created beastial swordwings that are devoid of actual intelligence (374)
  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Eternal Bastion - Yoglith created a barrier to seal itself in its demi-plane and to keep everyone else out. Only time may enter or exit the well. (374)
  • 4pp, Shape Populace (Greater): Eladrin - Thans and Veros worked together to create a mighty mortal race, the Eladrin, who were capable of living in both Aether and Air. Likewise, half were set in one world and half in the other (375), (372)

Week of March 15-21Edit

March 15thEdit

  • 1pp, Nourish Populace: Halflings - Eijra made the Halflings prosper so that they founded their first town (376)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace: Haflings taught Art - Frellisk taught the halflings how to create works of art (378)
  • 1pp, Guide Populace: Eladrin - Thans guided the Eladrin to worship himself and Veros (379)
  • 2pp, Nourish Land: Magical Conduits - Chactross, with the aid of the Pillar Artifact, spread magical nodes throughout the world that mortals might tap into for power (380)
  • 3pp, Shape Populace: Archons - Chactross created fire Archons (380)
  • 3pp, Mold Land (Greater): Ground Water - Neko created a layer of water that was below the land and which might be found if mortals dug for it. (384)
  • 1pp, Guide Populace (Lesser): Halflings - Neko guided the halfings so that they were adept at finding ground water and so that they would have a subconcious love for him. (384)

March 16thEdit

  • 2pp, Mold Land (Moderate): Vorpal Cascade - Xa’an forms six great asteroids, each about 25,000 sq miles in size, of irregular but largely flattish shape. (394)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Vorpal Cascade - Using the Storehouse of Light, Xa'an added aether to the area immediately surrounding the asteroids and their interior. (394)
  • 2pp, Form Domain (Moderate): AberrantXa’an claimed the Aberrant domain, though he was not the first to do so. (394)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Chillund Glacier - The Unknown god spread its fungus across the ice god's glacier, producing fungal forests (396)
  • 3pp, Nourish Populace x3: Molds and Fungus - The Unknown god ensured that his creations thrived throughout existence. (398)

March 17thEdit

  • 1pp, Create Artifact (Lesser): The Eye of the Sun - Thans created a scrying orb that he gave to the Eladrin, which they quickly put to use. (407)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Herbavores - Xirinet created prey-type animals to populate the land. (412)
  • 1pp, Mold Land (Lesser) - Using the Dimensional Bulwark, Veros continued to replace the earth in the northern hemispher. (414)
  • 2pp, Shape Populace (Lesser): Dwarves - Eijra gave life to statues that she had crafted, turning them into Dwarves. (416)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Art of Stone - Eijra taught the dwarves how to find and sculpt stone and minerals. (416)

March 18thEdit

  • 1pp, Mold Land (Lesser): Chillund Glacier - Chactross commanded his minions to shatter the glacier, splintering it into an archepeligo of ice. (418)
  • 2pp, Mold Land (Moderate): Circle Sea - Chactross created a sea that would loop around the inner and outer world at the southern hole of the world. (418)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Fungus - Chactross breathed life back into the fungus of the glacier world (418)
  • 1pp, De-Nourish Populace: Ice Giants - With the aid of his pillar, Chactross caused the ice giants to be in decline. (418)
  • 4pp, Ascend God: Cygnus - Xa'an called a new god out from non-existence to serve him. This creature was to be the lord of deception and lies. (419)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Druids - [[Oravalos] teaches the Ae-Silvani the Druid character class (420)
  • 2pp, Create Artifact (Moderate): Azure Aegis - Oravalos reformed the Azure Aegis to only extend over the northern hemisphere of the world. (420)
  • 1pp, Form Domain (Lesser): Lies - Cygnus created the concept of lying (427)
  • 2pp, Create Artifact (Moderate): Azure Aegis - Veros undid Oravalos' changes to the Aegis (429)
  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Eorna - Shurka imbued a tree with tremendous power and in time it would allow him to better instruct (442)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Swordmage - Vymrl taught his Ice Giants the swordmage class (445)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Cleric - Vymrl taught his Ice Giants the Cleric class (445)
  • 3pp, Shape Populace (Moderate): Nightwalker - Nocturne created Nightwalkers to give the spirits of dead form once again. (447)
  • 1pp, Guide Populace (Lesser): Nightwalkers - Nocturne guided his new creations in following specific life-philosophies (447)

March 19thEdit

  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Dromara - Xa'an created man-eating plants that attract prey with a sweet-but-incredibly stick nectar and lights. (454)
  • 1pp, Mold Land (Lesser): Mountains - Cygnus changed the mountains near the dwarves on the main continent so that they'd contain shinesteel, a luminus metal (458)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Birds - Thans creates the birds of the air to bring movement and noise to the world (462)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Bats - Thans created bats to be the night coutnerparts of birds (462)
  • 1pp, Nourish Populace: Dopplegangers - Veros made his people prosper so that they might live among the Eladrin and Dwarves (478)

March 20thEdit

  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Panthers - Xirinet created mundane panthers to hunt the herbivores of the world (496)
  • 1pp, Create Artifact (Lesser): Ring of Chactross - Veros removed the Ring that Chactross had placed in the Azure Aegis which had allowed easy travel back and forth between the air and aether (497)

March 21stEdit

  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Horses - Thans created horses from antelope (498)
  • 1pp, Nourish Populace: Eladrin - Thans ensured that the Eladrin were well stocked and in top health (498)
  • 4pp, Shape Populace (Greater): Tsarok-Hem - The Tsarok-Hem are spider/crustacian like creatures shaped by Tsarokga-Noggoth and who live in hives in the outer aether. (499)
  • 1pp, Nourish Populace: Tsarok-Hem - Tsarokga-Noggoth ensured that his newest creations were well established in the world (499)
  • 1pp, Guide Populace (Lesser): Halfligns - Veros guided Halflings to worship him (504)
  • 1pp (from artifact), Nourish Populace: Halflings - Veros made the Halflings prosper (504)
  • 1pp (from artifact), Mold Land (Lesser): Southern Hemisphere - Veros used the Dimensional Bulwark to return the crust of the south to its original thickness (504)
  • 1pp, Nourish Populace: Halflings - Xirinet also made the Halflings prosper (506)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Fruit Trees - Xirinet caused fruit trees to grow throughout the land (506)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Fey Panther - Xirinet altered panthers to be more wild (506)
  • 1pp, Spawn Beast (Lesser): Spectral Panther - Xirinet alterned his panthers again to be phantasmal (506)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Bard - Eijra taught Dwarves and Halflings the Bard class (508)
  • 3pp, Ascend Exarch: Nibiru - Xa'an created a giant planetoid servant, called Nibiru, who could make paths straight. This exarch had the power to summon land from where there was none, providing a +1 Mold Land PP (512)
  • 1pp, Nourish Populace: Dwarves - Eijra granted the dwarves prosperity and they grew so numerous as to settle the Duskpeak (514)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Horsemanship - The Eladrin discovered how to tame and utilize horses, thanks to Thans' instrution (518)

The Week of March 22nd-28thEdit

March 22ndEdit

  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Wizards - Vymrl taught the Vyrane the Wizard class (530)
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Bergships - Vymrl taught the Vyrane how to construct chunks of ice capable of transporting individuals and goods through the aether and air (530)

March 23rdEdit

  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Healing - Shurka taught the Eladrin how to heal injuries (536)
  • 2pp (Artifact), Guide Populace (Greater): Healing - Shurka utilized Eorna to teach the Dwarves how to heal injuries (536)
  • 2pp, Guide Popluace (Greater): Stealth&Subterfuge - Chactross taught the Halflings how to be stealthy ([1])
  • 2pp, Guide Popluace (Greater): Stealth&Subterfuge - Chactross taught the Eladrin how to be sneaky, through the use of his Archons ([2])
  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Traderoutes - Thans and Eijra worked together to create traderoutes, which grant a +1 to Guide Populace actions. (518) (539)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Burning Bush - Chactross created magical bushes that burned visibly with potential; there seeds would take the shape of whatever the creature viewing the bush wanted (540)

March 24thEdit

  • 1pp, Mold Land (Lesser): Crater - Nibiru fell from the sky, forming a crater on the main continent which then soon filledwith water.(541)
  • 1pp (from Storehouse), Nourish Land: Crater - The Storehouse of Light nourished the area around Nibiru's crater. (541)
  • 3 pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Nature's Balance - Oravalos imbued the staff of his Wife form, shaping it as a minature tree of the air or aether with the head always in bloom, which would aid him in spawning creatures. (542)
  • 1 pp, Spawn Beat (Lesser): Aether Sharks - Oravalos created Aether Sharks (542)
  • 2 pp, Mold Land (Moderate) - Chactross created a rainforest that was hidden underneath an impossible pile of dry leaves. (543)
  • 2 pp, Mold Land (Moderate) - Neko continued to spread, releasing moisture into the air (544)
  • 2 pp, Create Plane (Lesser): The Deep - Even as Neko released moisture into the air, the oceans sank into the crust, creating a deep plane of water. (544)
  • 2pp, Form Domain (moderate): Stars - Xirinet formalized his control over the stars, which are his own artifacts and a gateway to the realm of Riot. (545)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Fish - Xirinet bround fish to the world (545)
  • 1pp, Nourish Land: Birds - Xirinet spawned additional birds, flying predaters (545)
  • 1pp (from Stars), Nourish Land: Insects - Xirinet produced insects. (545)
  • 2 pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Eladrin - Veros instructed the Eladrin in how to control the eddies of magic in the world, resulting in them learning the wizard class (546)
  • 2 pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Doppelgangers - Veros instructed Doppleganger's in the Bard class (546)
  • 1 pp (from artifact), Nourish Populace: Dopplegangers - Veros ensured that the dopplegangers would grow more numerous.(546)
  • 1 pp, Mold Land (lesser): Foothills - Veros caused a small group of foothills to erupt from the grund between halfling and fungus territory. (546)
  • 3pp, Claim Domain (Greater)- Eijra claims the Greater domain of Earth (548)

March 25thEdit

March 26thEdit

March 27thEdit

March 28th Edit

The Week of March 28th-April 3Edit

March 29thEdit

March 30thEdit

March 31stEdit

  • 1pp Chactross attacks Vymrl.725)
  • 1pp Nourish- Mara grants the Frost Giants access to magic again. (726)
  • 1pp Create Artifact- Mara creates Khoros's Battle Axe. (726)
  • 1pp Mold land/1pp Create Artifact- Chactross creates rune magic as a way to help hold off the Tsarok-Hem invaders. (728)
  • 4pp Shape Populace Greater- Xa'an causes all the eladrin he guided the previous turn to become, Losalfar, savage immortal beings of pure light. (729)
  • 1pp Nourish Land(storehouse of light) - Xa'an causes poisonious plants to grow on Nibiru's Mountain. (729)
  • 1pp Mold Land (Niburu's exarch)- Xa'an causes Nibiru's Mountain to grow so tall that it shatters the azure aegis and reaches to the outer aether. (729)
  • 2pp Mold Land- Neko creates a rotational force that helps to dissapate heat more evenly about the wold, laying the groundwork for weather. (730)
  • 1pp Nourish Populace- Neko nourishes the water elementals. (730)
  • 1pp Form Lesser Domain- Neko forms the lesser domain Sea. (730)
  • 1pp Spawn Beast (artifact)- Oravalos creates the giant bovine Aurochs, placing them near the frost giant king of the tundra. (731)
  • 1pp Nourish Populace- Tsarokga-Noggoth boosts the invading Tsarok-Hem's population even further. (732)
  • 1pp De-Nourish-Mara causes a returning Frost Giant assault to decimate the dwarven army. (733)
  • 1pp Mold Land Minor- Veros adds power to the rotational force created by Neko. (734)
  • 1pp De- Nourish (artifact)- Veros causes the earth to open up and swallow large numbers of the invading Tsarok-Hem. (734)
  • 3pp Ascend Exarch- Shurka creates the wisp exarch Annolum who gives 1pp to shape actions. (737)
  • 2pp Guide Population- Tahns helps the Eladrin to craft magical wings and give them to 2000 warriors, creating the elite avarial corps. (738)
  • 3pp Claim Domain- Drahthor is born from the small fire created from an ember falling from a torch, claiming the domain destruction. (740)
  • 2pp Nourish Populace- Eijra teleports the dwarven and Halfling citizens of Duska Krak into the feywild. (741)
  • 1pp De-Nourish Populace- The Empress causes evil to find its way into the hearts of the Eladrin. (742)
  • 3pp De-Nourish- The newborn Drahthor severs the psychic link of the invading forces, causes a vast inferno to rage through their ranks, and dissolves the hive-asteroids from whence they came at a moleculer level, effectively wiping out the invaders in an orgy of destruction. (743)
  • 1pp Create Artifact- Ythrexle creates a ship capable of safely travelling between reality and the dream world, the Yrragard. (744)
  • 2pp Guide Populace- Ythrexle teaches the Ythra to become sorcerers. (744)


April 1stEdit

April 2ndEdit

  • 3pp Ascend Exarch- Vymrl ascends Ssbrec who provides PP for Nourish actions. (781)
  • 2pp Guide Populace- Xirinet teaches the Humans the warden class. (788)
  • 2pp Claim Domain- Xa'an claims the Fey domain. (794)
  • 1pp Nourish (Storehouse of Light)- Xa'an creates an underwater forest. (794)
  • 1pp Claim Lesser Dormain- The Empress claims the domain of Love. (794)

April 3rdEdit

  • 1pp Nourish Land- Oravalos creates coniferous (pine) trees to cover the southern tundra. (811)
  • 4pp spawn creature lesser (x4 1 from artifact)- Oravalos creates ice seals, polar bears, wolfs and elk in the southern tundra. (811)
  • 1pp Nourish- Ythrexle nourishes the island city of Riyelleh. (812)
  • 1pp Mold Land (Nibiru)- Xa'an creates what will be the basis for a ring circling around the planet. (813)

The Week of April 4-10Edit

April 4thEdit

April 5thEdit

April 6thEdit

April 7th Edit

April 8thEdit

April 9thEdit

April 10thEdit

The Week of April 11th-17thEdit

April 11thEdit

April 12thEdit

April 13thEdit

  • 2pp Spawn Template- Veros creates the first vampires, including Daven the vampire lord. (1002)
  • 1pp Guide Populace- Tahns helps the Eladrin utilizing trade routes to become better stoneworkers and architects. (1019)
  • 2pp Guide Populace- Tahns causes the sahaugin to worship Ix as a demigod and emissary of their creator, while simultaniosly hating the creations of Tahns enemies. (1019)
  • 2pp Shape Populace- The Empress creates the Dasa. (1021)
  • 1pp Guide Populace (Priya)- The Empress guides the Dasa to worship her. (1021)

April 14thEdit

  • 2pp form Moderate Domain- Oravalos claims the Primal Magic domain. (1049)
  • 2pp Guide Populace- Oravalos teaches the Ae-Sylvani the secrets of the plants, aka horticulture. (1049)
  • 1pp Nourish Populace (Tree of Rebirth)- Oravalos nourishes the Ae-Sylvani in the outer aether sea. (1049)
  • 1pp Spawn Creature (Staff of Oravalos)- Oravalos spawns whales in the oceans. (1049)
  • 1pp Spawn Creature- Oravalos spawns squid in the oceans. (1049)
  • 1pp Mold Land- Drahthor creates a Lake of Fire in his realm. (1050)
  • 3pp Create Greater Artifact- Drahthor creates The Ziggurat of Drahthor which orients his asteroids gravity and provides 1pp for spawn actions. (1050)
  • 2pp Guide Populace- The Empress teaches the Dasa the basics of providing for themselves and serving her. (1051)
  • 2pp Guide Populace- Xirinet teaches the Humans architecture. (1052)
  • 2pp Guide Populace- Xirinet teaches Angels blacksmithing. (1052)
  • 1pp Guide Populace- Xirinet causes the Humans to found Alexandria. (1052)
  • 1pp Nourish Land- Xirinet creates metal deposits in the Shattered Lands. (1052)
  • 1pp spawn Beast- Xirinet creates Dire Wolves. (1052)
  • 1pp guide populous - Tsarokga-Noggoth manipulates some eladrin to aid Tsarok unknowingly.(1055)
  • 1pp guide populous - Tsarokga-Noggoth sends Tsarok-Aran to some eladrin tribes.(1055)
  • 1pp Form Domain (Lesser) - Xa'an creates the domain of sight.(1056)
  • 2pp Guide Populous (Greater) - Xa'an teaches beholders slavery.(1056)
  • 2pp Mold Land (Moderate) - Xa'an adds enough water to the inner world to form a small coast around Ardune.(1056)
  • 1pp From Storehouse: Nourish Land - Xa'an creates coastal plant-life for Ardune.(1056)
  • 1pp From Nibiru: Mold Land (Lesser) - Xa'an increases the ring around the planet. It is now barely visible from the surface.(1056)
  • 2pp spawn template - Tsarokga-Noggoth creates the black blight.(1057)
  • 2pp form domain - Tsarokga-Noggoth creates the domain of pestilence.(1057)
  • 1pp nourish populous (spore chamber) - Tsarokga-Noggoth nourishes the plague-mold.(1057)
  • 2pp Form Domain (Moderate) - Veros creates undeath.(1059)
  • 1pp (artifact) nourish populace - Veros nourishes vampires.(1059)
  • 2pp (1 artifact) Guide Populous (Greater) - Veros gives doppelgangers the avenger class.([h 1059])
  • 1pp (artifact)Mold Land (lesser) - Veros creates A volcano south of Calafi Krak.(1059)
  • 2pp Spawn Template - Veros creates vampire thralls.(1059)
  • 2pp Guide Populace Thans gives Eladrin metalworking.(1065)
  • 1pp Mold Land Xa'an crashes an asteroid from the vorpal cascade to earth.(1066)
  • 1pp Nourish Population Xa'an Nourishes beholders.(1066)

The Empress(1070)

  • 2 PP +1 from Land Spike Create Artifact (Greater) Atakhari: This wondrous city provides PP for Nourish Actions.


  • 3PP: Create Artifact (Greater) - Stone of Revery (+1 Create PP)

The Empress(1073)

  • 1 PP +1 PP from Priya Teach Populace: Stoneworking: The Dasa have begun to create tools and furniture from the green rock.
  • 1 PP Form Domain (Lesser) Jade: This rock is most often associated with the Empress, and her servants. In fact, it is rarely used by anyone else.


  • 3 PP - Create Artifact - Not really creating one, but Eorna also gives 1 PP for nourish actions.
  • 1 PP [from Eorna] - Guide Populace - Humites told to build villages around Eorna.


  • 3PP-Ascend Exarch: Light Child (Nourish)
  • 1PP-Nourish Land (from Ssabrec): Make Vyrmscral bear crops
  • 1PP-Store for Spawn Populous


  • Create Artifact (moderate) 2PP: "Bloodlight" is a spear infused with divine pain and wrath. Those who it strikes feel an overwhelming pain, as if they were being burned to death from the inside out. This artifact provides a +1 combat bonus.

April 15th, 2009 Edit


  • 1 PP: Form Domain (Lesser): Runescar forms the Tactics Domain
  • 2 PP: Form Domain (Moderate): Runescar forms the Utility Magic Domain


  • 2 PP: Create Plane (Lesser): Runescar creates the Demi-plane Cororan, accessible through the great plains where the Shadar-Kai live.
  • 3 PP: Shape Population (Moderate): Runescar creates War Trolls to act as his servants and worshipers, to reside largely on Cororan.
  • 1 PP: Guide Population (Lesser): Runescar instructs the War Trolls that he is their creator, and that they shall worship him.


  • 3 PP: Create Populace Earth Elementals.


  • 2 PP: Spawn creature (Moderate) (1 from artifact): Nurak; Huge Nautiloid creature that feeds off the spores of the aether for food. All types sate its palate from aether spores, to all types of Plague and rot spores in the outer Aether Sea.
  • 2 PP: Shape Populace (Lesser): Elves
  • 1 PP: Guide Populace (lesser): Elves worship Oravalos the lord of Nature
  • 1 PP: Spawn creature (lesser): A variety of fish life
  • 1 PP: Nourish Land: The inner continent has a variety of tree life

April 16th, 2009Edit


  • Guide Populance - 1 PP (from Astral Orrery) - Some Eladrin have begun worshiping Mara secretly, as a cult. This cult is known within its circle as the "Church of the New Moons." It's leader is an Eladrin man named Ezero. Right now, the cult mostly centers around revenge.


  • 2pp form domain travel


  • 3 pp to create artifact “little maker” can shift into any tool and gives plus 1 to create
  • 1 pp form domain black smith


  • 1 PP - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Created a fresh-water pond that will never run out of water.

April 17th, 2009Edit


  • 3pp, Mold Land (Greater): Oceans - The inner world has more water, bringing it up to about half water half land at this point, I think
  • 1pp, Spawn Beasts (Lesser): General Herbavores for Aradune
  • 1pp, Nourish Land (From storehouse): Aradune's now a dense jungle continent

The Week of April 18th-25thEdit

April 18thEdit


  • 5pp (1 from land spike): Create Artifact- The Eye of Restraint: Sitting on Drahthor's forehead in both his true and humanoid form is a deep red crystal about the size of an eye. This crystal helps to channel and control the powerful energies that work within this God providing a +1 combat bonus and also 1pp to nourish actions.


  • 1PP (Ziggurat of Drahthor)- Spawn Lesser Beast: Racktheren


  • (Nourish populous (Tsarok-Aran) 1PP with spore chambers)
  • (Guide pouplous (Tsarok-Aran) 1PP from Nuggoroth)
  • (Spend 5PP into the fungal mass, purpose will be revealed in time)


  • 2 PP – Create Plane (Lesser) – The Workshop (Demiplane). It’s primary entrance is at the top of Skypeak
  • 3 PP – Create Artifact (Greater) – Creation Forge. It produces Create PP.
  • 1 PP (Artifact) – Mold Land (Lesser) – Carve numerous labrythine tunnels into Skypeak, and level it’s peak off.
  • 1 PP (Artifact) – Guide Populace (Lesser) – Loremasters hold the secrets of alchemy
  • 1 PP (Artifact) – Nourish Populace – Loremasters


  • 3 pp, Ascend Exarch: Yorgar (Guide) - Yorgar the War Troll becomes a leader of the War Trolls, and is tasked to guide them to do as Runescar bids.
  • 1 pp, Nourish Population: War Trolls - For being faithful, Runescar gives the War Trolls a bounty of food for the next 250 years.

April 19thEdit


  • Nourish Land 5PP: Creates hundreds of new species of animals. Rodents, cats, dogs, octopuses and other closely related creatures, several new breeds of birds and different form of Apes. All of these beings has three golden lines on their backs, as a memento of the first dead God.

April 20thEdit


  • 2PP form moderate domain music
  • 3PP (1 from little maker) create artifact. Wooden pipes, these have the power to mold and shape the world and to cause others to become fascinated and dance uncontrollably. +1 pp to mold land.


  • 2 PP - Form(Claim?) domain - Fey
  • 2 PP [1 from Eorna] - Guide Populace - Taught the humites about metalworking, so they may make better weapons.


  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Light Tyrannts - Certain beholders dear to Xa'an are granted special powers, which allow them to force other beholders to obey their will. These epic-level monsters are capable of exhibiting control over light, similar to their god and master. To note, this is just adding an epic level beholder to the types of beholders in the game world - it isn't a class


  • 3 PP: Create Artifact (Greater): Eijra The Spear of Sorrow. It can be used to add a combat bonus
  • 2 PP: Guide Populace (Greater): Elves learn the ranger class
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace (artifact): Elves flourish as they learn to cultivate and live off the land
  • 1 PP: Spawn creature (lesser): Iliril: Large lizard creatures that live in the forests and can climb trees and change the color of there skin to blend in

April 21stEdit

Xa'an([h 1136])

  • 1pp (from Exarch), Mold Land (Lesser): Planetary Rings - Nibiru further expands the ring around the planet.
  • 3pp, Mold Land (Greater): Inner Oceans - Xa'an expands the Inner Ocean, bringing it up to around 7 or 8 PP worth if my calculations are correct
  • 1pp (from Artifact), Nourish Land: Inner Oceans - The Storehouse' light brings diverse plant-life to the inner oceans


  • 2pp (1 from eye of restraint) Nourish Racktheran and Phorus plants. They spread throughout the entire network of caverns and tunnels


  • (5PP fungal growth splits up in a 3PP exarch and a 2PP combat artifact)
  • (Ascent exarch (3PP) Unggar-Raggnu, the Plaguewalker: Unggar-Raggnu provides a bonus 1PP for mold land)
  • (create combat artifact 2PP; see above: Black Breath of Decay)
  • (Ascent exarch 3PP: Unggar-Raggnu becomes a 6PP exarch and now also provides a +1 combat bonus)
  • (Nourish fungi 1PP from spore chamber)
  • (Guide fungi 1PP from Nuggoroth)


  • 2 PP+(1 Artifact) - Create Artifact (Greater) - Staff of Veros - Provides 1 Shape PP
  • 1 PP+(1 Artifact) - Guide Populace (Greater) - Dwarves learn armor smithing, enablingthem to make the first scale and plate armors, as well as masterwork heavy armors.
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Duska Krak
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Some humites now venerate Veros in addition to Shurka
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Loremasters expand into eladrin territory, including eladrin members
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land - New islands around Kraka Kalafi


  • Shape Populace (greater): 3 PP +1 from the Chalice
  • Shape Populace (lesser): 2 PP
  • Nourish Populace: 1 PP from the Pillar


  • (spawn beast (moderate) 2PP: Raggnur)


  • 1PP [artifact] - Nourish Populace - The humites are living in relative prosperity
  • 1PP - Guide Populace - Some of the Duska Krak worship Shurka.


  • 2 PP (1 from Astral Orrery) - Guide Populace - Teaching Eladrin Astronomy


  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Angels learn armorsmithing
  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Humans Learn Blacksmithing
  • 2PP, Guide Populace: Humans gain Shaman class
  • 1PP, Nourish Populace: Strengthen Alexandria.
  • 1PP from Leylines, Spawn Beast: Deathjump Spiders
  • 1PP frokm Stars, Nourish Land: The Shattered LAnds gains a misty overcoat, a sybol of Xirinet if you will.


  • 3pp-Spawn greater Beast: Purple Worm.
  • 2pp (ziggurat)- spawn moderate beast: displacer beast


  • 2 pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Weaponsmithing - War trolls learn how to forge weapons
  • 2 pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Melee combat - War trolls learn how to use weapons in melee combat
  • 1 pp, Guide Populace (Lesser): Honor - War trolls learn to challenge others in combat

April 22ndEdit


  • 1pp (eye of restraint): Nourish land= created plankton to inhabit the waterways of the asteroid.


  • 2 PP form domain luck

Frellisk(1156) 1pp: Create Minor Artifact: The cookiess. They taste so delicious, any mortal will suffer at least one of about a million side effects if they eat one. If you have a mortal who takes a bite, feel free to come up with a few ridiculous side effects. 3pp: Create Major Artifact: The 1 Brush. It grants 1 pp to Mold actions. Oravalos([h 1157])

  • 2 PP: Guide Populace (greater) Elves gain the Druid class
  • 1 PP (artifact): Nourish land: Elusian trees created in the elven forests

April 23rdEdit


  • 3 pp create (1pp little maker) Nectar of the gods. Nectar of the gods has the ability to raise a mortal from death heal wounds and cause the world to bloom green. +1pp nourish


  • 1pp+1pp from Exarch, Mold Land (Moderate): River of Souls - Nibiru finally completes the rings around the planet, which from the surface appear to be a river of some sort.
  • 1pp, Create Artifact (Minor): Star Pact - Five new "stars" are added to the sky and those who know of them may make pacts with alien beings to receive strange powers. To note, this isn't teaching any race the warlock class or the Star Pact subclass, just adding a source of power from which any past and future Star Pact warlocks can draw their power from, mostly just for fluff. Star Pact warlocks don't just use any stars, after all.


  • 2 PP - Nourish Land (x2) [1 from artifact] - Opened portals to the Feywyld in several locations in the world. These portals are two way.
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace [1 from artifact] - The humites can control Feygates.
  • 2 PP - Create Artifact - Shurka is surrounded by Fey energy (+1 combat) called FeySpark.

April 24thEdit


  • 3pp, Ascend Exarch: Tsul'Kalu - A combat exarch representing the untamed places of the world.

Roan(1176) 1 pp mold land (artifact) volcano in the middle of the gulf. Veros(1201)

  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Give to Drahthor so he could help) + 1 PP (Given to Shurka so he could help) + 1 PP (Given by Xirinet) - Ascend God - Zophia, mistress of spirits.


  • Shape Populace (moderate) 2 PP+1 from the Chalice: Nycodemons.
  • Nourish Populace (demons) 1 PP from the Pillar: This, combined with last turn's nourish, accounts for the large number of demons.

Xirinet(1212) 2PP, Guide Populace: Teach Humans Druid. Human Druids from the Shattered Lands have apreference for the more crafty predators of their hoimeland. Panther and Spider are common forms, though wolf is not unheard of. 2PP, Guide Populace: Teach Humans Ritual use. They have a preference for Primal or Nature related rituals. Animal Friendship and Call Wilderness Guide are specialties, and it's not uncommon for beasts to be seen in towns that are half-tame or simply well acclimated to human companionship. (Not excactly relatyed to the teach, but now's a good time to say that humans tend to be accepting of bestial presence so long as it isn't hostile).

April 25thEdit

The Empress(1213)

  • 2 PP +1 from Land Spike Create Artifact (Greater) The Rain: This is a life giving liquid that fills the canals of Atakhari. It provides 1 PP towards Spawn actions.
  • 1 PP +1 from Priya Guide Populace (Moderate) Literacy: The Dasa now record their experiences on large tablets of jade using chisels and such. They have learned to read and write.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser): The Dasa built a large basin at the center of the city, as well as a network of canals that spread across the city. The canals and the basin hold the Rain.

The Empress(1217)

  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Populace (Lesser): The Dasa grow more numerous and spread across Atakhari, enjoying an age of prosperity.


  • 1PP, from Stars, Nourish Populace: Humans spreading throughout the shattered lands continuing their never-ceasing expansion in theier dangerous homeland.
  • 1PP from Leylines, Spawn Beast: Deathrattle Vipers. Especially common in the shattered lands of course.


  • Guide Populace (greater) 2 PP: the demons are now loyal to Tahns, to the extent that a demon can ever be "loyal" to anyone.
  • Nourish Populace 1 PP: the sahaugin have multiplied, and occupy a vast undersea region. They are still very primitive though, and have not had contact with any landlubbers.


  • 1 pp (artifact) mold land expand island
  • 1pp (artifact) nourish fungus. Roan taught the fungus to only feed on dead things and how to give back the life force to the earth so green things may grow here again
  • 1pp guide Halfling worship roan taking on the qualities of luck and wanderlust they begin traveling to there new home.

The Empress(1222)

  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Land (Lesser): Loma plants, which grow on the walls of buildings, appear on the stately edifices in Atakhari. Brilliantly coloured flowers bloom on the surface of these vine-like plants, and when the season of harvest comes around, delicious fruit grow on the plants, which the Dasa now eat in addition to the jade.
  • 1 PP from the Rain Spawn Beast (Lesser): Loma spiders inhabit the wall-hugging plants for which they are named, and spin surprisingly strong webs. They are rather larger than normals spiders, with the smallest being the size of dinner plates, and the largest above the size of a riding horse. They exist peaceably alongside the Dasa, and, strangely enough for spiders, are not above eating the fruit of the plants they call home.
  • 1 PP +1 PP from Priya Teach Populace (Moderate) Spider-silk Weaving: The Dasa spin the webs of the Loma spiders, and make luxurious, and unexpectedly sturdy spider-silk articles, such as clothing, and others.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Halflings abandon their worship of Roan as fast as they adopted it.


  • 2 pp, Create Beast (Moderate): Riding Drakes - Runescar creates Riding Drakes as beasts of burden for the War Trolls. Riding Drakes have various hues, and are like Rage Drakes with wings.
  • 2 pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Riding - Runescar instructs his exarch how to ride the Riding Drakes, who then teaches those who honor their tribe. [+1 from Exarch]


  • 2 PP (1 from Eorna) Guide Populace - Humites can use rituals. They primarily use rituals that use the skill religion or heal.

Week of April 26th-May 2ndEdit

April 26thEdit


  • 2pp: Form Moderate Domain: Drahthor Lord of Destruction and Creation has taken on the aspect of Rebirth as an integral part of his vision of the world


  • 4PP-Frost Monoliths
  • 1PP(Ssabrec)-Nourish Populous-Frost Monoliths

The Empress(1241)

  • 3 PP Form Domain (Greater) Order


  • 1pp Create Lesser Artifact- The Lake of Flame: Acts as a lighthouse to the souls of the departed, offering them a chance to be born again. Also functions as a repository for the souls.


  • 1pp for the creation of the afterlife


  • Give 1PP for creating an afterlife to Veros.


  • 1 PP + 1 PP from Zophia + 1 PP from Drahthor + 1 PP from Empress (Artifact) - Create Plane (Greater) - The Farscape (willing to take name suggestions), realm of the dead
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Orb of Visions. This artifact allows me to view distant locations. I can also talk to people through it.


  • Shape Demiplane: 2 PP The Court of Spirits

April 27thEdit


  • Create Artifact 1 PP: An'Tu'Calliern or loosly translated Her silvery Veil from the tongue of Califian Dwarves


  • 1pp (from Artifact), Denourish Land: Grey-Fang Mountain and the surrounding area becomes inhospitable to natural life.
  • 1pp (from Exarch), Mold Land: Grey-Fang mountain - changing its appearance to that of stone thorns and riddled passages.
  • 4pp, Create Plane: The Outer Realms - Xa'an created a parallel plane that is intended as a parallel-plane version of the Far Realm, but I didn't want it to be confused with the Farscape. It mirrors the real world but conforms to alien sensibilities. As a parallel plane, Xa'an also gives up his claim to special control over it and thus does not get a combat bonus there. Likewise, any other god can manipulate the plane, though it retains its other-worldly nature.


  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Shape Populace (Lesser) - Succubus


  • 3 pp (1 artifact) create artifact. The silver staff allows roan to travel anywhere in a single step and gives +1 pp to guide actions


  • (guide populous (fungi) 1PP from exarch, to undo the tampering of the other god Roan)


  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Dwarves gain Weaponsmithing


  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Humans to combine Rituals and Masonry to create their capital city.
  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Humans adopting a military doctrine in imitation of Angels.
  • 2PP, Guide Populace: Humans adopt an Aristocracy. The greatest of their leaders meet within the Alexandria as a council. This is sometimes referred to as "The Council of the Sundered Crown" yes I like the idea of broken stuff. Sue me.


  • 1PP from Stars, Nourish Populace: Alexandria (the empire) in support of Alexandria (the cuity)
  • 1PP from Leylines, Spawn Beast: Veno-Eye Basilisk. Yes an unintended side-effect of Xi playing around.
  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Angels Learn Weaponsmithing

April 28thEdit


  • 1pp, Create Artifact: Book of Azazel - Xa'an influences a human to write the book of Azazel. This artifact grants the holder the capability of performing any rituals in the book, the book contains rituals for accessing the Outer Realms, summoning aberrant creatures from that realm, and other such things. It additionally will provide star-pact warlock like magical powers. Like most artifacts, the book is intelligent and attempts to guide its holder towards its own ends.


  • (mold land 1PP from Unggar-Raggnu)
  • (nourish populace (fungi) 1PP from Spore Chambers)


  • 1pp Ziggurat: Spawn lesser beast= filled the waterways with various aquatic lifeforms.
  • 1pp Eye of Restraint: Nourish Land= Create the Vroomel plants as described above.


  • 1 PP + 1 PP Artifact - Guide Populace (Greater) - Loremasters gain written language.


  • 1PP from the Dimensional Bulwark, Mold Land: Alexandria, the Living City. This is the holy city of Xirinet, and houses the Great Cathedral, a temple devoted to the Life god, though it includes space for other gods as well. The city crawls with wild beasts which leave the usual denizens alone (through long-time association) but a fool who attacks one of these predators is likely to get killed. Alexandria is superficially similar to the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


  • Ascend Exarch (3 PP): Nergul is a combat exarch.


  • 1 pp form domain flight.


  • (Spawn beast (epic) Teratomorph: 3PP)


  • 2 PP on Guide Populace


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Vampires expand into Duska Krak, human, and humite territory.


  • (Nourish populous Tsarok-Hem (and minions) 1PP)
  • (Nourish populous Raggnur 1PP)


  • 1 PP [from Eorna] - Nourish Land. Animals that can be domesticated by ranchers are more plentiful
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - Humites know how to domesticate animals. (But not for purposes like riding.)


  • 3 PP Create Artifact ( Greater ): The lighthouse of Dusk or the Lighthouse at all ends. Calaver'Etu on Calafian Dwarf-speech. It's fluff mission is to lead the dead on their first trip through the Land of the Dead. Generates 1PP for Create actions.


  • 2pp Spawn Chimera
  • 3pp (1 from Ziggurat) Spawn Hydra
  • 1pp (Eye of Restraint) Nourish land: Seaweed


  • Create Moderate Domain - 2 PP - Seasons/Summer Winter. The world now has seasons. Each moon personifies one season, white-haired Mara is summer, black-haired one is winter. There is one season for every two rotations of the moons, with calibration still the new year.
  • Mold Land - 1 PP - Many plants and agriculture generally are now perennial
  • Nourish Land - 1 PP - Nourish Perrenial trees, flowers, etc.


  • 3 PP Create Artifact (Greater) The Staff: A physical manifestation of the word "staff", it allows Siccadan to more easily form objects from words. It gives 1 PP for Create actions.

April 29thEdit


  • Spawn Beast-1PP: Spirit Crane- A Crane with the ability to move completly silently, see spirits and teleport itself and spirits in to the Spirit world.


  • 1pp (artifact) mold land: Roan created the first earth mote
  • 1pp (artifact) nourish land: A forest grows on the Earth mote. The main trees are Iron trees from which iron wood can be harvested. And Loma trees which are a beautiful red wood.


  • 2pp shape Ganasi
  • 1pp (artifact) guide: the ganasi worship Roan.


  • 3 PP Create Artifact (Greater) The Encyclopedia Unanimous A large repository for all known words, the power of the Encyclopedia is such that words spoken from it strangely resonate with those that hear them. The result is that it provide 1 PP towards Guide actions.

April 30thEdit


  • 1pp from Exarch, Mold Land (Lesser): Shattered Lands - Nibiru causes the land around Alexandria to become rich in silver ore
  • 2pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Silversmithing - Humans become highly skilled at crafting objects from silver.
  • 1pp from Artifact, Nourish Populace: Humans - The humans of Alexandria become more numerous and prosperous


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Staff of Ruin


  • 1PP, Shape Populace: Going into Veros' project.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) + 1 PP Xirinet - Shape Populace (Lesser) - Deva


  • 2pp guide: wood working


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Vampires gain the use of rituals from humans who have been turned.
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Loremasters build a new headquarters beyond the jurisdiction of any nation, and transfer all of their stores of knowledge there, including the Tome of Knowledge artifact. Additionally, they begin recruiting humites.

The Empress(1399)

  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser): The Devas and the Rakshasas are now mortal enemies, and will forevermore be locked in a terrible battle, never at peace from the other. If one were to encounter the other, they would have to fight very hard to avoid attacking the other on the spot.
  • 2 PP Guide Populace (Lesser x2): The Rakshasas and the Devas now worship Priya, whom they refer to as the god-child. Technically, they worship the Empress, though they direct their prayers and such at Priya.
  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Populace (Lesser): The Rakshasas become linked to the Deva method of reincarnation.


  • 2 PP [1 from Eorna] - Guide Populace - Some humites can read and write
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Humites now keep historical records.


  • 1PP from Leylines, Spawn Beast: Spiretop Drakes. And they happen to love the many high-pointsa of the Shattered Lands.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser) - Duska Krak and the ground around it is gone, vanished as if it never existed.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) - The population of Duska Krak (every last dwarf, halfling, and doppelganger that lived within it) vanishes, leaving no trace in the wak of the explosion.


  • 2PP, Guide Populace: Angels learn how to read and write the Supernal script...
  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Humans adopt Supernal as their script of choice, reading and writing in it.


May 1stEdit


  • 1 PP, Guide Populace (Lesser): Leave Cororan as instructed by the Exarch - A portion of the War Troll Populace leaves Cororan due to instruction of their Exarch (AKA use his PP up)
  • 2 PP, Guide Populace (Moderate): Building Tools - The War Trolls learn how to create various tools for building
  • 2 PP, Guide Populace (Moderate): Mining - The War Trolls learn how to mine in a mountain on Cororan that has plenty of Coal and Iron.


  • 1 pp (artifact) the Veil of Talamar: this gem creates a one way mist around Talamar (the earth mote). The mist allows no scrying by any being and none can enter Talamar with out permission. The mist cant be seen from Talamar but if your looking at talamar it appears to be shrouded in mist.

The Empress(1415)

  • 1 PP from the Rain Spawn Beast (Lesser): Tigers begin to appear in Atakhari.
  • 1 PP Nourish Land (Lesser): Trees and flowers and grass begin to grow in isolated "groves" in Atakhari.
  • 1 PP Nourish Land (Lesser): Small cats can be found all across the city now, most notably tabby cats.

May 2ndEdit


  • (mold land 1PP from Unggar-Raggnu)
  • (nourish populous (fungi) 1PP from spore chambers)


  • (create seed 3PP: function will be revealed later)
  • (create seed 2PP: function will be revealed later)
  • (guide populace (Tsarok-Aran/Eladrin) 1PP from Nuggoroth)


  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - Humite know basic stoneworking
  • 1 PP [from Eorna] - Nourish Land - Stones are becoming more common around Terena. There are good potential spots for quarries.


  • 1PP from Stars, Nourish Populace: Alexandria prospers
  • 1PP, Spawn Beast: Dire Rat


  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Temporal Vortex - destription to follow later, but the short of it is that it grants a +1 guide PP and is help Xa'an control time


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Duska Krak is under a spell of preservation
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Chonoptera
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Chronoptera master the warlock class (only Star Pact for now, since other pacts have not been created)

Week of May 3rd - 9thEdit

May 3rdEdit


  • 1 pp nourish (artifact) create luft trees
  • 2pp guide air ships: these resemble small sailing craft with a single sail but in addition to that the have sail that hang off the side. It is important to note that the air ships fly not because of magic but because of the properties of the luft wood which, once cut and properly cured, becomes lighter then air and further more it displaces enough air to carry cargo and passengers safely. The earth souls use there gift to cause masses to change allowing the genasi the ability to maneuver the ships up and down. For directional steering they use the same methods as a sail boat would.


  • 2 PP Shape Populace (Lesser) Gnomes: Born of the Language of the world, Gnomes are also known as the Children of Language, for they are words incarnate.
  • 1 PP from the Encyclopedia: Guide Populace (Lesser): The gnomes now worship Siccadan.
  • 2 PP Guide Populace (Moderate) Literacy: The gnome can instinctively read and write, and even if they don't have writing implements, they still scribble words and symbols in the dirt with sticks, or carve them into rocks and trees. The latter, however, is particularly frowned upon by the elders, fow it is the opinion of most gnomes that the natural world is sacred.
  • 1 PP from the Staff: Create Artifact (Lesser): The Whispering Wood: A small wood which the gnomes call home, the Whispering Wood is known for the random gusts of wind through the trees, or the twittering of animals, that many a traveller has mistaken for voices. Most gnomes pass this off as nonsense, but they know that there may be some truth to these stories. The gnomes know that the wood is touched by the magic of the Old One, or the Lord of Language, and that, on certain occasions, it can be heard to utter random words, or offer a stray gnome a whispered but of advice.

May 4thEdit


  • 4 PP [1 from Eorna] - Guide Populace x2 - Humite know basic woodworking and shipbuilding.


  • 3pp, Ascend Exarch: Tsul'Kalu - Xa'an enhances Tsul'Kalu so that it can impart fey power to those who make pacts with it, and it can appoint other individuals with the authority to do likewise. This is, essentially, the Fey Pact (I like warlocks). Additionally, Tsul'Kalu's combat bonus increases to +2


  • 1PP from Leylines, Spawn Beast: Griffons, common in mountains or some massive trees in the Shattered Lands large enough to serve as an aerie.
  • 2PP, Guide Populace: Humans learn Barbarians
  • 1PP from Stars, Nourish Populace: Angels, continued contact with humans has some upsides.


  • 1PP to Veros for rejuvenation)


  • 3pp Shape Populance: Drahthor takes the 20,000 souls from within the lake of fire and creates the Drahkorn. They are modelled after the chosen form of their God (look at the xenomorphs from the Alien movies) and they can survive in both aether and air. All the energy they need comes from the fires of their souls, however they must fuel the fires to keep them burnings. As such, as long as something can burn they can devour it, and as the soul grows stronger it burns fiercer and the Drahkorn requires more food.
  • 2pp Guide Populance: Teach the Drahkorn language
  • 1pp (eye of restraint) Nourish Populance: The lands surrounding the lake of fire teem with phorus plants for the Drahkorn to devour.

May 5thEdit


  • 3 pp, Create Artifact (Greater): Temple of Oracles - A temple is created to channel the oracles powers. This Artifact gives a bonus to guide actions.
  • 2 pp, Guide Population (Greater): Writing - War Trolls learn how to write on stone tablets


  • 1pp+1pp from Artifact, Guide Populace (Greater): Warlock - Xa'an teaches the Eladrin the Warlock class. Most are fey-pact warlocks, though a pittance of them are star-pact.
  • 1pp, Guide Populace (Lesser): Humans - The Silver Eye Mining Company is formed in human territory, near Alexandria. Though it appears to be a human organization, it is headed by a Beholder.
  • 1pp from Exarch, Mold Land (lesser): Silver Mines of Alexandria - The mines of Alexandria expand, becoming a trackless warren of tunnels and shafts, reaching deep into the crust of the earth.
  • 1pp from Artifact, Nourish Populace: Humans - Humans continue to prosper from the riches of the silver mines, and in turn the Silver Eye Mining Company expands in power and influence.


  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Doppelgagners learn Rogue class.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Loremasters pick up the Invoker class.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Shadar-kai worship Veros
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser) - 6 Floating islands around Duska Krak
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Remaining dwarves gather around Duskpeak, to rebuild the ancient city.


  • 3pp create artifact: pipes now give +1 pp to spawn actions
  • 1pp mold land (artifact): made another earth mote roughly the same size as the first
  • 1pp nourish land: created mithreal on the earth mote.


  • 2PP +1PP from Creation Forge, Create Artifact: The Great Cathedral provides 1PP for guide actions.


  • (create seed 3PP. Note Tsarokga-Noggoth now has two 3PP seeds and one 2PP seed. Purpose will be revealed soon)
  • (nourish populous (Tsarok forces) x2 ; 2PP)
  • (mold land 1PP from Unggar-Raggnu)
  • (nourish populous (fungi) 1PP from Spore chambers)
  • (guide populous (fungi) 1PP from Nuggoroth)


  • 1 PP - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Pyre Fly swarm
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Humans
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Humans (Cleric)
  • 2 PP (1 Artifact) - Shape Populace (Lesser) - Minotaurs (no MM versions exist. I will not be using the MM or Dragon stat block. I'll have LoC's minotaur stat block up later.)


  • 2PP - Guide Populace - Taught the genasi how to heal.

The Empress(1479)

  • 1 PP +1 PP (Artifact) Create Artifact (Moderate): The Land Spike now provides another +1 combat bonus, for a total of +2.


  • 1pp Guide: Drahthor finishes instructing the Drahkorn and so they begin to worship him as their God.
  • 2pp Guide: Drahthor teaches the most receptive of his people the cleric class.

May 6thEdit


  • 2 PP given to Roan to test his abilities


  • 1 PP nourish (artifact): create the vanguard woods. The vanguard woods span from one edge of the sea to the other and was fifty miles wide at its narrowest point.
  • 2 pp nourish (that shurka gave roan): give the woods poison sap and make choking vines

1pp guide (artifact): the trents worship Roan and follow his edict to protect the woods Veros(1491)

  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Minotaurs have Sorcerer
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Minotaurs have Fighter


  • Spawn Beast - Moderate (2 PP) - Unicorns. Rare creatures that live in the deepest forests. Unicorns are immune to magic. Spells directed at or near them will fizzle, their horns absorb magic and can be used to break magical enchantments, wards, etc and have other "uses."

May 7thEdit


  • 2PP - Spawn Beast - Feywisp (will be added to wiki)


  • Ascend Exarch 3pp: Drahthor ascends the Drahkorn known as Xarler to become the first of his Heralds, an Exarch that provides 1pp for Guide actions.

May 8thEdit


  • 3pp, Create Artifact (Lesser) x 3: Xa-an turns the physical locations of Skypeak Mountain, Grey-Fang Mountain, and the Silver Mines of Alexandria into places where other planes can be easily accessed. Normally this happens by accident in those places but portals can be opened between those locations and any plane if one has the correct rituals, such as might be contained in the Book of Azazel.
  • 1pp from Artifact, Guide Populace (Lesser): Aberrants - Tapping into his Aberrant domain, Xa'an causes a small portion of all creature with the aberrant keyword to migrate to the Outer Realms. This isn't intended to be a large number; just enough to start populating that place so adventurers might encounter stuff there.


  • 1pp (artifact) mold land: the swamp of the fungal forest dried out.


  • 1pp from Artifact, Nourish Land: Main Continent - Xa'an causes all sorts of edible fungi to grow on the main continent, including Truffles, Portabella mushrooms, Shitake, etc.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Expand a peice of the Azure Aegis, surrounding Drahthor's asteroid to serve as a vital link in th eleylines. Since the entire area is Void, it doesn't serve as any kind of barrier, but it could prove invaluable if a purple worm accidentally burrows to the surface
  • 1 PP - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Expand the leylines. Within Drahthor's realm, they use the small Azure Aegis surrounding it, and the Ziggurat as supporting links. Destroying one will disable them, same as with the main world.

May 9thEdit


  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Halflings worship me
  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Angels learn Rituals
  • (2PP, Guide Populace: Humans gain Sorcerors, most often Storm and Cosmic
  • 2PP, Shape Populace: Ettercaps, may gain a PC stat block depending on my mood
  • 1PP from Stars, Nourish Populace: Angels join Alexandria
  • 1PP from Great Cathedral, Guide Populace: Halflings travel to Duskpeak
  • 1PP from Leylines, Spawn Beast: Vine Horrors (both). As beasts they cannot have tech or worship.


  • (Nourish populous (fungi) x 2: 1PP + 1PP from spore chamber)
  • (Nourish populous (Raggnur) 1PP)
  • (mold land 1PP from Unggar-Raggnu)
  • (guide populous 1PP from Nuggoroth)
  • (create seed 3PP. This is gonna be the last one of those. There purpose will be revealed next turn)


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Found the nation of Meribia
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Meribia
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Shape Populace (Lesser) - Imps


  • 2 pp, Guide Populace (Greater): Clerics - War Trolls learn to wield Divine Magic granted by Runescar to become clerics


  • 3 pp given to Veros, 2 for the ley lines and 1 for the creation of Zophia.


  • 1pp Spawn Dre Flies: Devour dung, 24 hour cycle, beyond that pretty harmless.

Week of May 10th - 16thEdit

May 10thEdit


  • 2pp-Claim Moderate Domain: Storm
  • 1pp-Claim Lesser Domain: Wind


  • 4 pp - Create plane(Greater): Mechanus
  • 1 pp - Spawn Beast(Lesser): mech swarms - think swarms of nanobots. I won't stat them, you'll see why in a turn or two.


  • 1 pp, Create Artifact (Lesser): Shield - A shield imbued with the spirit of War is given to the War Trolls, with all the tactics of defense
  • 2 pp, Form Domain (Moderate): Strategy

May 11thEdit


  • 1pp, from Artifact: Nourish Aberrations - Again tapping into the aberration domain, Xa'an ensures that there are a decent number of Aberrations in the Outer Realms.


  • 1 pp Nurish (artifact) vanguard woods: heals the gap tsarokga made
  • 2pp (1 from artifact) mold land moderate: vanguard woods now has a mountain range running through it from coast to coast.


  • 2 PP [1 from Eorna]- Nourish Land (x2) - Created crystal trees. They are practically impossible to infect (as of now at least).
  • 1 PP - Form Domain - Trees.


  • 1 pp: Spawn(??) Beast(lesser): create Restoring variety of the Mech swarms


  • 1pp=spawn beast (lesser): Aeolian Fungus


  • Create Template – 2 PP – Lycanthrope. Further information forthcoming.
  • Create Artifact – 1 PP – Unicorn Sword (Temp Name) – Sword made from a unicorn's horn and imbued with divine power. The sword has the power to nullify or reduce magic, both passive and active. The sword cannot break metal though. Finally, if the sword draws blood on someone and they survive, they gain the Lycantrhope template.
  • Guide Populace – 1 PP (From Astral Orrery) – ALL Eladrin magic users, including priests, will lose their ability to use magic the next calibration (i.e. the next one for story purposes).
  • Form Domain Minor – 1 PP – Mara gains the Hunting domain.


  • 2pp: Create Plane(Lesser) *This is to be the start of Ka's weather system. A large living chain of demi-planes whose organic processes will affect a weather pattern on the area it inhabits.*


  • 3 PP - Mold Land ( Greater ) - Creating Zophar under the North Pole, therefore filling out the hole there completly and pushing the icemass above the new continent.
  • 1 PP + 1 PP from Artifact: Shape Populace ( Moderate ) Orcs


  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Moderate) - Force Zophia's continent to conform to the level of the polar opening.

May 12thEdit


  • 1pp+1pp from Exarch, Mold Land (moderate): The Skyway River - Xa'an's exarch, Nibiru, creates a floating river that connects the surface world with the moons, more or less.
  • 1pp from artifact, Guide Populace (Lesser): Aberrants - Aberrations now nominally worship Xa'an. No race is particularly devoted, however.
  • 3pp, Create Artifact: Storehouse of Light - Xa'an's exarch augmented the Storehouse so that it also grants a +1 to Spawn actions.
  • 1pp, Guide Populace (lesser): Fey - Xa'an's exarch causes Fey creatures to nominally worship Xa'an. None are particularly devote.


  • 1pp+1 from Herald: Guide Population= Teach the Drahkorn the Sorcerer class
  • 1pp spawn: create sharks to inhabit the waterways of the asteroid
  • 1pp spawn from ziggurat: Create a golden eel whose scales have a strange healing property.


  • 3pp (1from artifact) spawn: battle thorns
  • 2pp (1form artifact) create: broad leaf glaive gives +1 to battle


  • (nourish populous (fungi) 1PP from spore chambers)
  • (guide populous (fungi) 1PP from Nuggoroth)
  • (mold land 1PP from Unggar-Raggnu)
  • (2xnourish populous (Tsarok-Hem + minions) 2PP)
  • (spawn populous (moderate) 3PP: warp drifters)


  • 2 PP - Nourish Populace x2. The humite are doing exceptionally well, and expanding to other towns.
  • 2 PP [1 from Eorna] - Guide Populace. The humites learn the avenger class.


  • 1PP from Stars, Nourish Populace: Ettercaps grow more numerous
  • 1PP from Geat Cathedral, Guide Populace: Humans learn the Shape Wood ritual. IIRC a single ritual is 1PP. The Shape Wood ritual bolsters and directs the growth of a living plant, or briefly instills life in deadwood long enough for the magic to work.
  • 1PP from Leylines +2PP, Spawn Beast: Purple Worms, the two statblocks are seperated by age so IIRC one action at highest price works.
  • 1PP, Spawn Beast: Shambling Mounds (Base creature). These are common in swamps and forests.
  • 1PP +1PP, Form Domain (lesser): Xirinet is patron god of Wardens and Druids.

The Empress(1565)

  • 4 PP Create Plane (Greater) The Chaos - This is basically the Elemental Chaos, and is a chaotic echo of the real world.
  • 1 PP from the Land Spike Create Artifact (Lesser) The Heart of Fire - This is a large, pulsating and burning gate to the Chaos. Anyone who walks through the gate arrives in the Chaos, which may or may not be potentially lethal to the person in question. It is currently the only way to access the Chaos.


  • Nourish Land 1 PP: Plants and animals appear in Zophar.
  • Nourish Population 1 PP: Orcs Increase in numbers.
  • Guide Populace 1 PP: Orcs pray to Zophia.
  • Guide Populace 1 PP: The Dwarves and Halflings of Calafi Krak arrive and settle a tiny fraction of the southern parts of the continent.


  • 1 PP from the Staff Create Artifact (Lesser) Fey Crossing: In the Whispering Wood, there is a Fey Crossing, which you can use to cross into the Feywild if you know the proper ritual.
  • 1 PP Nourish Populace: There are now gnomes who live in the Feywild


  • 1pp: Nourish Land? *Changing the weather to this. Encouraging rapid growth of fungi and plants of the tropical persuasion*


  • 2PP-Teach Populous: Imperium-Court System
  • 1PP-Forge Artifact: Hellrime Codex
  • 1PP-Forge Artifact: Niflendar Flamborge
  • 1PP-Nourish Populous: Imperium
  • 1PP (Ssabrec)-Nourish Populous: Ice Monoliths

May 13thEdit


  • 1pp, Create Artifact (Lesser): Skyway River - Xa'an gives the river the power to defy gravity and resist being cut off by the aegis' regrowth.


  • 1 pp Spawn Creature(Lesser): make Enduring variety of Mech swarms


  • 1pp (artifact) guide: the genasi learn exploration rituals.
  • 1pp (artifact) mold: move earth mote


  • 2 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Staff of Veros provides Spawn PP
  • 3 PP - Mold Land (Greater) - Continent of Valdet
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Land - Various plant life and creatures
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Elves
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Humans
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Shadar-kai
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Minotaurs


  • 2PP Guide: Drahkorn learn Paladin class
  • 2pp (1 exarch) Guide: Drahkorn learn Warlord class.
  • 2pp Create Artifact: The Gates of Bone function as a bridge between the World below and the realm of the Drahkorn as described above, they also grant a +1 combat bonus.


  • 1 PP Spawn Beast (Lesser) Badgers
  • 1 PP +1 from the Encyclopedia Guide Populace (Moderate) Domesticate Badgers


  • 1 PP [Eorna] - Nourish Populace - Humites expand their borders. They all ready know how to move to the Feywyld, so no extra PP is spent.
  • 1 PP - Spawn Monster - Fey Horses, or as the humites call them, Salsken.
  • 2 PP [1 from Eorna] - Guide Populace - Humites taught to ride Salsken
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - Humites can be fighters.


  • 1 PP - Mold Land - Move skyway river.

May 14thEdit


  • 1pp +1pp, Spawn Beast (moderate): Owlbears - Xa'ans exarch, Tsul'Kalu creates owlbears and spreads the love around.


  • 1pp nourish (artifact): elemental shards to be stated later (if someone wants to help with stating that would be appreciated. I was thinking something along the lines of the 3.5 ed. crystals.)
  • 1pp nourish: a forest appears on the other earth mote.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populance (from Astral Orrery) - Most of the Lycanthropic Eladrin leave the mountain. They are guided on a long journey to the Taiga in the southern hemisphere.
  • 2 PP - Shape Populance - Dark Eladrin aka racial lycanthropes (not same as PH2 shifters).
  • 1 PP- Guide Populance - Dark Eladrin worship Mara

May 15thEdit


May 16thEdit


  • (5 x nourish populous (Tsarok-Hem and minions) 5PP)
  • (1 nourish populous (Raggnur) from spore chambers)
  • (1 guide populous (Raggnur) from nuggoroth)
  • (1 mold land from Unggar-Raggnu)

The Empress(1601)

  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Land: Created fungus in Atakhari.
  • 1 PP from the Rain Spawn Beast (Lesser) The Kurha: Airborne sacs filled with gas and fungal spores, the Kurha release their contents when ruptured, thus spreading the reach of the fungus.


  • 2pp: Demiplane
  • 1pp: Nourish Land (new weather, think scotland)
  • 1pp: spawn beast lesser (sky rays)


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser) - Move the plants from the moon
  • 1 PP - Create Artifact (Lesser) - A slight modification to the Azue Aegis, forcibly rerouting the skyway river through a new tunnel.

The Empress(1605)

  • 2 PP Shape Populace (Lesser) Loha: Grey-skinned cousins of the Dasa, the Loha are similar in many ways to their brethren, but it is undeniable that they are a true race. Think the difference between elves and Eladrin.
  • 2 PP +1 from the Land Spike Create Artifact (Greater) Leilaka the City Beyond the Veil: A city composed entirely of iron, Leilaka is in every other way, an exact duplicate of Atakhari. It provides 1 PP towards Shape actions.
  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser): The Loha worship the Empress.


  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Greater) - Shadar-kai learn reading and writing
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Shadar-kai master rituals.
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Minotaurs learn the Monk class
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Skeletons (I'm excluding Skeletal Tomb Guardians)
  • 1 PP - Nourish Land - General non-stated desert wildlife (since it doesn’t exist anywhere else for me to borrow some) (essentially at this point, cacti, lizards, and perhaps some snakes and hardy grasses here and there.)


  • 1 PP +1 from the Encyclopedia: Guide Populace (Moderate) Architecture: The gnomes learn how to craft buildings from the natural world.
  • 2 PP Guide Populace (Moderate) Rituals: The gnomes learn how to use rituals, and are particularly adept at using those that cross into the Feywild.
  • 1 PP from the Staff: Create Artifact (Lesser) Fey Crossing: There is another Fey Crossing in the center of Babble, the largest gnomish city.
  • 1 PP Nourish Populace: The gnomes prosper and create several new villages, all around the Whispering Wood and its environs.


  • 2pp Greater Guide: The Drahkorn learn the basic methods of agriculture
  • 2pp Greater Guide: The Drahkorn learn how to manipulate stone, thus stoneworking
  • 1pp (Herald) The Drahkorn begin construction of their first city upon the warren of canyons and caverns that was the home of the former Herald, to be called Xarloth in his honor.

Week of May 17th - 23rdEdit

May 17thEdit


  • 1 PP - Guide populace(Lesser): Warforged now worship Kiptar(known as the Golem) as a secondary god.
  • 3 pp - Create Artifact(greater): The Gear of Creation, a specific gear in Mechanus, gives +1 Spawn PP per turn.


  • 2PP-Teach Populous:Farming
  • 2PP-Teach Populous:Formation Fighting
  • 1PP-Mold Land, Minor:Vinland
  • 1PP(Ssabrec)-Nourish Land: Cause area around Ssabrec to bear crops very well


  • 2 PP [1 from Eorna] Guide Populace - Humites have stone architecture
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - Humites understand leather-working
  • 1 PP [from Eorna] - There are many deer around the humite city of Terena.

May 18thEdit


  • 1pp spawn (artifact): birds of chaos (will do stats latter)
  • 3pp form domain: chaos


  • 2 PP - Create Plane - Created the demi-plane Revnador.


  • 1PP-Mold Land, Minor:Vinland


  • Mold Land - Greater - 3 PP - The southern hemisphere continent is taking shape. This mostly to formalize the existance of the continent. The southern reaches of the continent extend into a massive glacier* that extends over the southern pole.
  • Guide Populance - 1 PP (from Astral Orrery) - Frost Giants at the Volcano form a nation--the Land of Mist (see wiki).
  • Take Domain (Lessor) - 1 PP - Mara has Hunting domain.

May 19thEdit


  • 1pp +1pp from Exarch, Mold Land: Destory the Dark-light Crystal.
  • 1pp (from Artifact), Denourish : Stars - Xa'an removes the light-producing qualities of the stars temporarily; until the end of the next turn.
  • 1pp (from Artifact), Guide Populace: Beholders - Moving many of them from the Outer Realms to the real world.
  • 3pp, Nourish Populace x 3: Beholders - Xa'an ensures that there are plenty of Beholders floating over the mortal world now.
  • 1pp, Nourish Populace: Beholders – The Beholders take a variety of slaves back to the Outer Realms to fuel their society there.


  • (5x Guide populous (Tsarok-Hem + minions) to Tsarokga-Noggoths ancient demiplane body.)
  • (nourish populous (Tsarok-Hem + minions) 1PP from Spore Chambers: The Tsarok and minions within the demiplane grow in numbers)
  • (mold land 1PP from Unggar-Raggnu)
  • (guide populous (grey fungi) 1PP from Nuggoroth)


  • 2pp (1 artifact) create dime plane: the tree is kind of like a mangrove were ever its roots push through a new tree will grow. Also it allows for a greater amount of chaos to leak into the other planes. Mortals (or creatures) brave enough can use the trees as a way to get from one place to another. (their is more but I will stat it out later.)
  • 1pp (artifact) mold: tree has rooms and hallways inside
  • 1pp (artifact) nourish: Roan turns the chaos leaking into the mortal plane into light this is a difficult effort and will only last for one turn


  • 1PP from Great Cathedral +1PP, Guide Populace: Beholderrs leave the Shattered Lands, and have developed an irrational fear of forests.
  • 1PP, Unshape Artifact?: Close the destabilization in the Silver Mines.
  • 1PP from Leylines, Spawn Beast: Bloodweb Spider Swarm. Consider one reason the beholders are creeped out by forests.
  • 1PP from Stars, Nourish Land: Water rises in the Shatteredlands, producing more signifigant rivers.
  • 1PPx3, Nourish Populace: Humans, Dwarves, Halflings.


  • 2 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Greater) - Flame Pillar sheds pure and brilliant light. It also provides 1 Imprison PP
  • 2 PP - Create Artifact - Staff of Veros provides a +1 combat bonus
  • 1 PP - Atack God - Attacking Xa'an. +8 (6 Base +1 Artifact +1 exarch) vs. +7 (5 base +2 Exarch)
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Humites
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Doppelgangers, who move into humite territory
  • 1 PP (Artifact)- Guide Populace (Lesser) - Loremasters learn the Fighter class from humites, who defend their ancient citadel.
  • 1 PP Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Heroic tier zombies


  • Aid God - Veros has 10 combat bonus. (+2)

The Empress(1637)

  • 1 PP +1 from Priya Guide Populace (Moderate) The Dasa learn to domesticate the tigers that live in Atakhari.
  • 2 PP Guide Populace (Moderate) Monk Class: The Loha learn the monk class.


  • 4PP-Nourish Populous-Imperium
  • 1PP-Nourish Land-Imperium
  • 1PP(Ssabrec)-Nourish Populous-Ice Monoliths


  • Moderate Shape Land (2PP): Archipelago
  • Minor Shape Land (1PP): Large Mountain on the Largest Island

May 20thEdit


  • 2pp: Guide the Drahkorn teaching them how to enchant their bladed tails and claws.
  • 2pp: Guide the Drahkorn teaching them weaving.
  • 1pp (eye of restraint) Nourish: The Drahkorn's numbers swell by 10,000
  • 1pp (Herald): Guide the Drahkorn to march to the aid of the humites in the world below.
  • 1pp: Guide humite refugees through the Gates of Bone into the realm of Drahthor.


  • Create Artifact 3 points Aether Ripples


  • 1 pp: Form Domain(Lesser):Warforged
  • 1 pp: Guide Populace(Lesser): Warforged travel to the top of the world out of the caves in which they had resided. The new country is located Northeast of the shader-kai on the second continent.
  • 2 pp: Guide Populace(Greater): Warforged learn the artificier class.


  • 3 Points - Create Artifact Aether Ripples (with the explosion that created Hensen).
  • 1 Point - Nourish Heroic Tier Organization Hydra Society (the page is work in progress, however is a multi racial order devoted to support innovators, revolutionaries, researchers and every other mortal that promote change), Humans
  • 1 Point - Nourish Hydra Society (Eladrin)
  • 1 Point - Guide Hydra Society to worship Hensen


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - De-Nourish the Imperium via the various raids and minor forces striking out at them.


  • Create Exarch – 3 PP – Vazen. Provides +1 to Nourish actions.

May 21stEdit


  • 1PP [and 1 from Eorna] - Nourish Populace x2 - The humites have a new resolve to fight, and swell in new divine power.


  • 1pp mold land (artifact)
  • 2pp (1 artifact) guide: genasi know alchemy
  • 1PP (artifact) nourish: genasi armada take out berg ships


  • 1 pp(artifact): Spawn Creature(Lesser): create Leader Mech Swarms.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Large Deathjump Spiders, for use as mounts.
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact)- Guide Populace (Greater) - Minotaurs domesticate animals, particularly their new spider mounts.

May 22ndEdit


  • 3pp (1 from artifact) spawn: Chaos stalker uses MM stats for astral stalker but has 3.5 ability to phase and walk the dimensions.


  • 1pp guide: genasi learn weapon making form humites
  • 1pp guide: genasi learn writing from humites


  • 1pp from Artifact, Guide Populace (Lesser): Aberrants - Aberrations have a general and vague agenda of conquering the natural world. This drive varies from species to species, but there is an amorphous instinct to conquer.
  • 1pp, Guide Populace (Lesser): Feys - a small portion of fey creatures turn to primal spirit worship.
  • 4pp, Shape Populace (Greater): Tetradecapods - essentially, intelligent Elder Things from the future of a discarded timeline.


  • 1PP(Light Child)-Nourish Populous: Defensive works for the Imperium in the occupied lands


  • 2 PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace x3 - Humites learn:

(Iron)woodworking Air ships Alchemy (Each cost is reduced by one because of humite/genasi trade) Siccadan(1662)

  • Nourish Populace (Lesser x2): The gnomes find themselves safe from the ravages of this time, avoiding destruction, and surviving to increase in numbers, despite the darkness of the age. They also find themselves blessed with a new sight. They can see, even in the harshest of nights. They are also somewhat resistant to illusion magic and are much better at discovering falsities. It is very difficult to lie to a gnome, or to conceal your identity.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Humites fight back, slowly retaking their land.


  • 1 PP – Nourish Populace – Lycanthropes (Beast) spread to the loremasters.
  • 1 PP – Guide Populace (from Astral Orrery) – Dark Eladrin relearn Astronomy

May 23rdEdit


  • 2pp, Create Artifact Moderate: I'm improving the Original Chronoptera hive to be a +2 combat artifact
  • 2x 1pp Nourish Populace: The Chronoptera in the world are bolstered by regaining the connection to the original hive that previously was blocked by the Eternal Bastion.

The Empress(1670)

  • 1 PP from Land Spike Create Artifact (Lesser) The Pool of Mists: This pool of green liquid and vapor allows the Empress to see what is going on anywhere else. The mists simply reform to show her what is happening.


  • (4x nourish populace (Tsarok-Hem and minions) 4PP)
  • (nourish populace (fungi) 1PP from spore chambers)
  • (mold land 1PP from Unggar-Raggnu)
  • (guide populace (beholders) 1PP: Tsarokga-Noggoth starts taking worship from the beholders)
  • (guide populace (Tetradecapods) 1PP: Tsarokga-Noggoth starts taking worship from the beholders)


  • 1PP +1PP from Stars, Nourish Populace: Alexandrian army.
  • 1PP from Leylines, Spawn Beast: Macetail Behemoths on continent2.
  • 1PP from Great Cathedral, Guide Populace: Humans learn Weaponsmithing.
  • 2PP from Great Cathedral, Guide Populace: Alexandria gains access to the creation of Gargoyles.
  • 2PP, Shape Populace: Gargoyles. Apparently pre-disposed to not angering Alexandria... For now at least.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - De-Nourish Populace - Purge lycanthropy
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Shadar-kai to form a new nation
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Teach Patren Masonry
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Greater) - Teach Patren Teleportation Circle rituals
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Humans into a new nation


  • 2PP-Create Artifact (Moderate): The Malrime Ballista
  • 2PP-DeNourish Populous: The Lorekeepers
  • 1PP-Nourish Populous: Imperium
  • 2PP (Ssabrec and Light Child)- Nourish Populous: Imperium


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Lycanthrope (Beast) spreads to humans.


  • 1 PP (from Eorna) - Guide Populace - Humites know the ritual Cure Disease.
  • 1 PP [+1 Eorna] - Nourish Populace x2 (Loremasters) - The Loremaster's numbers are bolstered with the humites. They are also receiving new supplies.

The Empress [( 1680])

  • 1 PP +1 from Priya Teach Populace (Moderate) Air Ships: The Dasa learn to make their own, specialized form of air ships from the materials found in the city.
  • 2 PP Teach Populace (Moderate) Sorcerers: The Loha learn to harness the elemental magics of the Chaos.

Week of May 24th - 30thEdit

May 24thEdit


  • 1 - Nourish (Beholder Slaves), many of the slaves secretly break free of beholder domination.
  • 1 - Guide Artifact (Beholder Slaves, using Aether Ripples generated whispers and dreams), the slaves begin to plan their escape in secret


  • 3 PP - Ascend Exarch - Selya the Deathless (+1 combat)


  • 2 pp-Guide Populace(greater): Warforged gain the Alchemist feat and can make alchemical items
  • 2 pp-Guide Populace(greater): Warforged can sail, using boats made form metal and powered by magic/alchemy


  • Guide Populace - 4 PP ( Kidnap Ice Giants, humans, humites and Dark Eladrin and take them to Zophar where they quickly band together in tribes

May 25thEdit


  • 2pp Guide: Drahkorn learn how to manipulate magics and their new weaving to create bags of holding.
  • 2pp Guide: Drahkorn learn to make glass
  • 2pp Guide: Drahkorn begin experimenting with chemicals and discover the science of Alchemy.


  • 3 pts - Create Artifact,Bloodstones (+1 to nourish the wikia page is work in progress)


  • 1 PP – Nourish Land – Nourish the Vortex into a much stronger storm, impossible to pass in the air or aethor and very difficult on land/water/ice. The Vortext occasionally gives off smaller storms (hurricanes/monsoons etc).
  • 1 PP – Denourish Deopplegangers – Lycanthropy expands and mutates into the doppleganger population, as a deadly curse-disease. Killing many by the disease or at the hands of the other races in purges. Ultimately, the disease means Lycanthropes (beast) and dopplegangers hate each other.


  • 2 PP Shape Populace (Lesser) Goblins
  • 1 PP from the Encyclopedia Guide Populace (Lesser): Goblins worship Siccadan


  • 2 PP: Form Domain (Moderate): Justice
  • 1 PP: Guide Populace (Lesser): Some Deva recognize the existence of a new god, devoted to the pursuit of justice and the righting of wrongs. Those Deva begin to worship Hammu

May 26thEdit


  • 1pp Nourish Humans: Stores seemed to stretch abnormally long in the coming 500 years, bringing with them a wealth for all.
  • 1pp Denourish Warforged: Bodies break and give out in alarming frequency, the very wood, metal, and stone their made from seeming to grow brittle. The "Irreparable Thrum" would claim many.
  • 1pp Denourish Frost Giants: Many individuals, mostly children die a death of countless cuts, both internal and external. It would become known as the "death of a thousand cuts".
  • 1pp Denourish Deva: A strange magical disease similar to the real world Leprosy in many ways afflicts them. It would become known as the "Angel's disease", named after the faceless appearance shared with angels in a moment of optimism.


  • 3 PP: Ascend Exarch (+1 Create PP) - Rabi the Smith


  • (5x nourish populace (Tsarok-Hem + minions) 5PP)
  • (1x mold land 1PP from Unggar-raggnu)
  • (1x guide populace 1PP from Nuggoroth, to send fungi spores to the other continents. The fungi populations on the other continent are almost undetectable and have no game value, but they could now start to expand on the other continents)
  • (1x nourish populace from (Fungi) 1PP from spore chambers)


  • 5pp nourish (one artifact): the vanguard woods no completely surrounds the habitable land and the bit of fungus that came through the tunnels is mostly gone. The trees are also poisonous to the fungus again.
  • 1pp guide(artifact): genasi learn ritual for making magic weapons
  • 1pp spawn (artifact): dyrads heroic only
  • 2pp create (1 from artifact): make a link between the vanguard woods and chaos this causes the fungus to burst into flame disappear or turn into trees. Or any other chaotic thing. Most important it is hostile to the fungus. This means that (as of now) the fungus can not fight back against the vanguard woods.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Humites know the ritual Raise Dead


  • 1PPx3, Denourish Populace: Imperium
  • 2PP +1PP from Stars, Nourish Populace: Alexandria (army)


  • 1 PP - De-Nourish Populace - Imperium
  • 1 PP - De-Nourish Populace - Imperium
  • 1 PP - De-Nourish Populace - Humites
  • 1 PP - De-Nourish Populace - Warforged
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact - Veil of Illusion
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser) - Move fungus back south of the Vanguard Woods
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Greater) - Patren developed advanced architecture
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Heroic tier Flameskulls


  • Create Artifact 1PP: The Blood Crown, An artifact directly connected with the nation of Zophar. It gives it's wearer the charisma and strength necessary to rule this nation.
  • Guide Populace 1 PP: Zophar's diverse population unites under one leader and forms the nation of Zophar
  • Nourish Populace 1 PP: All of Zophar flourishes under the first centuries of it's existence.
  • Gudie Populace 1 PP: Members of all races converts to praising Zophia in small numbers.

May 27thEdit


  • 1 - Mold Land: create a small archipelago near to the largest chunk of Bloodstones.
  • 1 - Nourish Land (from Bloodstone): plant life arise in the archipelago, fast growing but tainted by the bloodstone influence.
  • 1 - Nourish Population: more slaves are free from the beholder influence.
  • 1 - Guide Population (from Aether Ripples): the slaves escape from the beholder to Bloodmist Islands.
  • 1 - Guide Population: the Free Nation worship Hensen.


  • 1 pp-Nourish populace: Warforged - the Warforged resist the disease given by the chronoptera, by changing parts that are falling apart too slow the disease and they are a little more numerous
  • 2 pp-Create artifact(Moderate): City of Gears, a floating mechanical city, a floating island. most of the Warforged reside here now. It can sail anywhere their is water and will obey Kiptar's will should it deem it necessary
  • 1 pp-guide populace(lesser): Warforged seek out the Frost giants(Lets just get this over with already)

May 28thEdit


  • 2pp (1 artifact) spawn: unicorn
  • 1pp nourish: unicorn grow in number causing the fungus to fall back
  • 1pp denourish: vanguard woods the battle briar and Trent are lead forward by the unicorns killing more fungus.


  • 3PP (1 from Rabi) : Create Artifact: The Code (+1 Guide PP)


  • 1PP [From Eorna] - Nourish Populace - Humites aren't much affected by the fire.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - De-Nourish Populace - Remove the traces of fungal spores from other continents, preventing them from spreading.

The Empress(1720)

  • 1 PP +1 from the Rain Spawn Beast (Moderate) Firelasher Elementals


  • 1 PP – Guide Populace – Humans – Humans worship Mara
  • 1 PP – Guide Populace – Humites – Humites worship Mara
  • 1 PP – Guide Populace – Elves – Elves worship Mara


  • 5PP(Ssabrec, Light Child)-Nourish Populous:Imperium
  • 1PP-Guide Populous:Imperium-Explore and Trade

May 29thEdit


  • +1 Guide The Free Nation learn the Cleric Class from its humite members the "Priesthood of Change" emerge as a new social class within the Free Nation.


  • 3pp Ascend Exharch: The Hands and Eyes of time. Seven massive swarms of Chronoptera, each of which may coalesce into a unique form. They provide 1pp for Nourish actions.


  • 3pp de nourish: the vanguard woods grow further into the fungal lands. The forest ring is now hundred leagues thick.


  • 2PP +1PP from The Stars, Nourish Populace: Alexandria feels a measure of properity.

May 30thEdit


  • 1PP: Mold Land(Lesser): Hammu forms the Staircase of the Magistrate near the northern edge of the Shattered Lands.


  • 1PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace - Humites learn weaponsmithing.
  • 2PP - Nourish Land x2 - Metal Ore deposits become more common around humite lands. The extra *PP is used to create metal ore in the Feywyld as well
  • 2PP - Nourish Populace x2 - The humites are recovering after the war.


  • mold land 1PP from Ungarr-Raggnu)
  • (ascent exarch 3PP: Nanurri, The white fungi gives 1 shape PP)
  • (guide populace (fungi) 1PP from Nuggoroth; more fungal spores make it to the other continent)
  • (2x nourish (fungi) 2PP; spores on the eastern continent thrive and the fungi become more numerous)
  • (1x nourish (fungi) 1PP from spore chamber; the fungi on the main continent become more resistant to the forrests influence)

The Empress(1752)

  • 3 PP +1 from Leilaka Shape Populace (Greater) Green Dragons: These appear in the Material world, not in the Palace. They appear mostly in forested areas.
  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser) Green Dragons worship the Empress.
  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Populace (Lesser) Green Dragons: This new strain of dragon is already quite numerous.


  • 1PP: Mold Land (lesser): Haamu creates a broad expanse of rock atop the Staircase of the Magistrate


  • 1 PP (Astral Orrery) - Guide Populace - Dark Eladrin - Dark Eladrin learn hunting
  • 1 PP (Vazen) - Nourish Populace - Dark Eladrin


  • 1PP-Spawn Beast (Minor): Mada


  • 1 PP - Given to Mara
  • 1 PP - De-Nourish Populace - Remove fungus from the eastern continent
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - De-Nourish Populace - Remove Fungus from the eastern continent
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Loremasters expand into human territory.
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Loremasters master astronomy from their eladrin members
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Meribia learns the finer points of engineering
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser) - The lands around Patren grow more and more fertile as Patren magcially terraforms the desert to be more hospitable.
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Whelk.


  • 3 PP (1 from Veros) - Mold Land Greater - The Moons grow to full size.


Week of May 31st - June 6thEdit

May 31st, 2009Edit


  • 3 pp - Create Artifact(Greater): The City of Gears, provides +1 pp to guide actions
  • 1 pp - Create Artifact(Lesser): Imbue the City of Gears with an intelligence of its own. It can be contacted by artificers and spoken to, exact details to be determined.


  • 1pp Create Artifact(lesser): Just to account for the cost of altering the vortex to be suitably small to fit in yogliths face. ;P


  • 3PP (Spawn Beast, Greater): Keymon
  • 1PP (Create Artifact, Lesser): Library of Whispers
  • 2PP (Nourish Populous, Light Child/Ssabrec): Imperium

June 1st, 2009Edit


  • 3pp: Claim Greater Domain Fire while also accepting the gift of Light.
  • 2pp Guide: Drahkorn learn to read and write.
  • 1pp Guide (Herald): Drahkorn form the Theocratic kingdom of Xanthor and claim that all the cavern lands within the asteriod rightfully belong to them.
  • 1pp Nourish (Eye of Restraint): The first Drahkorn military the Obsidian Guard is formed for future wars and to serve as the Herald's army.


  • 1 PP [+1 from Eorna] - Guide Populace - Humites learn armorsmithing
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - Humites learn about tactics and war strategy
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - Humites have the paladin class
  • 0 PP [+1 from Eorna] - Nourish Populace - There are many more humite fighters after the war.

June 2nd, 2009Edit


  • 1 - Nourish (from Bloodstone), Most of the inhabitants of the Free Nation is affected by mutations (mechanically they become spellscarred).
  • 2 - Guide (1 from Aether Ripples), the Priest of Change develop the "Spellscarred" multi-class.
  • 1 - Mold Land, The Bloodmyst Archipelago Increase in size.
  • 2 - Create Artifact - Bloodways, (page on the wiki coming soon), the bloodways can be used by mortals to create temporary portals to distant lands the portals are highly unstable and can sometime lead to unexpected locations, however they stay opened for a few days after being created so they can be used as temporary "bridges" between the Bloodmyst Island and any other place in the world.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Remove several thousand eladrin from the world. Many are former worshippers of Tahns, but worshippers of Mara and Veros are among those missing.


  • 1pp guide (artifact): kingdom of tallamar is at war with fungus
  • 2pp de nourishes (1 artifact): the vanguard woods take over more fungus territory.


  • 1PP(Rabi): Create Artifact (lesser): Hammer of Law
  • 1PP: Guide Populace: Deva followers of Hammu move to his city and begin to build. A scattering of Humans, Angels, and Eladrin follow.
  • 1PP: Nourish Populace: Hammu's followers establish a new nation, Beacon.
  • 1PP: Guide Populace: Under Hammu's guidance, his people elect a leader from among themselves. Beacon forms a representative government.
  • 1PP +1PP(The Code): Guide Populace: Beacon adopts a juridic system of justice.


  • (2x mold land 1PP + 1PP from Nibiru: A large planetoid is formed surrounded by poisonous vapor.)
  • (5x guide populace: 4PP +1PP from Nuggoroth: Migrate all the children of Tsarokga-Noggoth off the known world)
  • (nourish populace (grey fungus) 1PP from spore chambers


  • 1 pp (Gear of Creation) Spawn Creature(Lesser): Create Temporal mech swarms


  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Spawn Beast (Moderate) - The Whelk Devourer, a paragon version of the heroic Whelk I spawned a few turns ago,
  • 1 (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser)- Create a new floating island in the inner world
  • 1 (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Expand Azure Aegis around the new land
  • 1 PP - Nourish Land - The new continent has plant and animal life similar to the eladrin homeland
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - The Eladrin on the continent are under a Spell of Preservation


  • 3PP, Mold Land: The underdark extends throughout the continent and partially into the sea.
  • 1PP from Stars, Nourish Land: Creatures with an affinity tyo darkness are brought to the new place.
  • 1PP from Great Cathedral, Guide Populace: Ettercap are drawn to the Underdark.


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Several powerful humite invokers form The Order of the White Shield.
  • 1 PP – Nourish Populace – The Order of the White Shield takes control of many humite villages, forming the Defense Coalition.


  • 1pp X 2 Nourish populace(Warforged)
  • 1pp (City of gears): Guide populace(lesser): Warforged inhabit the north east peninsula of the original continent, where there used to be fungus.

June 3rd, 2009Edit


  • 2pp Guide (Herald)- The Drahkorn develop advanced mathematics/Newtonian physics.
  • 2pp Guide-The Drahkorn learn how to manipulate various metals in the earth.
  • 1pp Nourish (Eye of Restraint)- the lands of the asteroid have various metal deposits develop within the earth.


  • 2PP: Guide Populace x2: Humans and Eladrin move to Beacon in greater numbers.
  • 1PP: Nourish Populace: The nation of Beacon grows stronger and begins to farm the surrounding land.
  • 1PP: Nourish Land: The fungus-scoured waste begins to produce harvests once again.
  • +1PP (The Code): Humans use the Code teach all inhabitants of Beacon to read and write.
  • +1PP (Rabi): Create Artifact: Hammu and Rabi build the Courts of the Magistrate in Beacon This isn't really an artifact per se, but Rabi creates things, and Hammu needs a Court.


  • 1 - Mold Land - Bloodstone Archipelago keep expanding.
  • 1 - Nourish (from Bloodstones), the Free Nation population increase fed by the Bloodstone tainted vegetation of the archipelago.
  • 1 Guide (The Free Nation re-learn agricolture from the Humite)
  • 1 Guide (The Free Nation re-learn blacksmithing from the Humite)
  • 2 Guide (1 From Aether Ripples) The Free nation learn the Artificer Class. Bloodsons Artificers are usually affected by the spellscar and combine their mastery of mutation with their "trinkets".


  • 1 pp: guide populace(Greater): learn swordmage class from Imperium
  • 2 pp: Spawn Creature(intermediate) (one from Gear of Creation): Create Iron Golems


  • 2 PP – Mold Land Moderate – Shape the souther continent by adding three mountainous peninsulas. The peninsulas jut outwards for many hundreds of miles northwards towards the equator (but even their tips are very far away from the equator).. This gives the continent a roughly claw-like shape. The bottom of the “palm” is covered with the massive south pole glacier.
  • 1 PP – Nourish Land – the glacier solidifies over the southern polar regions
  • 2 PP – Nourish Land (1 from Exarch)– Flora and Fauna cover the new lands. Fish and sea life become plentiful near the continent.

June 4th, 2009Edit

June 5th, 2009Edit


  • (mold land (greater) 2PP + 1PP from Nibiru to shape the planet even further)
  • (1x nourish land 1PP from spore chambers, to make the planet a good breeding ground for fungi)
  • (spawn beast (lesser): Aquatic fungus 1PP from Fungal Plane (still needs a name I know))


  • 2PP Nourish Populous
  • 3PP Spawn: Create Artifact-Fleshpools
  • 2PPSpawn Beast: Moderate-Eldacs


  • 3 PP [+1 Annolum] - Shape Populace - Ancients are created in the demiplane of Revnador.
  • 0 PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace - The ancients worship Shurka
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - The ancients are instructed to assist the humites if they are attacked near Eorna or in the Feywyld (Where the portal locations are)
  • 1 PP [+1 Eorna] - Nourish Populace x2 - The ancients have an increased population.


  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Greater) - Patren masters the use of Creation Forges, gaining the ability to make warforged, which they enlist as labor to farm their lands.
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Patren's warforged population increases to meet the labor demands.
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Minotaurs learn Carpentry from humans
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Minotaurs learn Leatherworking from humans
  • 2 PP - Guide Population (Greater) - Asilia learns the swordmage class.

June 6th, 2009Edit


  • 1pp attack Veros: 5 Drahthor's start, 1 from Cloak of Madness, 1 from Eye of Restraint, and 1 from Gates of Bone for 8 vs 7, Veros' starting 6 and 1 for the Staff of Veros.
  • 2pp (1 from the Eye of Restraint) De-nourish Loremasters: A living flame rages within the depths of the Loremaster strong hold destroying their collective knowledge of alchemy.


  • (Shape populace (epic) Thallid: 3PP + 1PP from Nanurri)
  • (guide populace (thallid) 1PP: Thallids worship Thallii-Nanurri)


  • 1 PP - Create Artifact - Using Shurka's power, Mara inbues the Astral Orrery with the power of predicting or showing the future of mortal events (though its ability to show them is limited and requires much interpretation).
  • 1 PP - Guide (from Astral Orrery) - Khusan learns astrology.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Kalafi Krak worships Veros
  • 1 PP - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Arcane Wellspring
  • 1 PP - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Pyre Wolf


  • 1 pp: Guide populace(lesser): Free nation artificers worship Kiptar
  • 1 pp: Guide populace(lesser)(City of Gears): Warforged raid Patren settlements and take the warforged with them, as well as destroying equipment to make them with
  • 1 pp: Spawn Creature(Lesser)(Gear of Creation): Iron Defender (from MM)


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Patren organizes armed militias composed of warforged and shadar-kai to defend their settlements from the raids.

Week of June 7th - 13thEdit

June 7thEdit


  • 2 pp: Guide populace(Greater): Warforged learn how to implant tools.
  • 1 pp: Guide populace(Lesser): Warforged begin to hunt for the Free Nation

June 8thEdit


  • 3 - Mold Land: the Bloodstone archipelago keep growing in size, with an almost exponential burst, some of the islands emerge close to the coast of the nearby continent.
  • 1 - Nourish (From Bloodstone), Bloodstone Flora expand to the newly risen continent.
  • 1 - Guide (From Aether Ripples), The Free Nation adapt their humite Masonry techniques to their unstable home (rediscovering stone masonry).
  • 1 - Nourish Free Nations, The Free Nation build their Capital City, Freedomguard on the spot where Hensen's vision guided them on the first Island of the Bloodstone Archipelago. With their increasing number they begin colonizing the new land masses using the Bloodways to travel between the islands.
  • Free - The Free Nation respond to the warforged scouting ships.


  • 2pp Guide Populace(1 from Herald)- Teach the Drahkorn advanced architectural techniques.
  • 2pp Guide Populace- The Drahkorn learn ritual casting in the early stages of the grand project.
  • 1pp Nourish Populace (Eye of Restraint)- The Drahkorn's dedication of their entire society to the theological state of Xanthor flourishes and allows them to accomplish building the magnificent city.


  • 1PP-Nourish Populous (Ssabrec)-Imperium
  • 1PP-Nourish Populous (Light Child)-Eldacs
  • 2PP-Teach Populous:Imperium- Ride Eldacs
  • 2PP+1PP (Flesh Pools)-Spawn Beast, Greater: Mryw
  • 1PP-Nourish Populous- Mryw


  • 2pp Destroy Artifact: I'm blowing a big hole in my Eternal bastion, large enough for the gods to come and go from the well of time again. Someone can spend 2pp to repair it if they want.
  • 1pp Destroy Artifact: The billows of the temporal harmonizer were damaged in the process of opening the well of time again. They've ceased to stabilize the flow of time until someone spends 1pp on the act of repairing them.
  • 1pp Attack God: The two Yoglith's battled one another, ending in the demise of both.


  • +1PP (from Rabi): Create Artifact: Hammu and Rabi mend the rends in the Temporal Harmonizer and re-stabilize the flow of Time.

The Empress(1889)

  • 3 PP Mold Land (Greater): Forms a new continent that is almost entirely deserts and wastelands. This continent is called Asika.
  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Land (Lesser): Forms a rainforest that spreads across the south of the new continent. This vast rainforest is called the Kishaar Rainforest.
  • 1 PP Nourish Land (Lesser): Basic animals begin to appear in the Kishaar Rainforest, nothing large, just small animals that wouldn't harm anyone.
  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser): A number of Eladrin begin to worship the Empress.


  • 3 PP - Nourish Populace (1 from Exarch, Vazen) - Dark Eladrin spread (should be 5 total, 1 for each clan).
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (from Astral Orrery) - Dark Eladrin meeet Frost Giants of Khusan
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Dark Eladrin learn Cleric class
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Dark Eladrin split into five clans.


  • 1PP+1PP(The Code) Guide Populace: Beacon learns the Paladin class
  • 1PP Spawn Beast: Celestial Chargers (heroic tier) appear throughout the lands surrounding Beacon
  • 2PP: Form Domain (Moderate): Hammu claims the domain of Truth.

June 9thEdit


  • 2pp Guide Population- Nergul and the Demons worship Drahthor as something they call "Idlor". Revering his aspect of Destruction above all others.


  • (guide populace (greater):1PP+1PP from nugorroth: Teach thallid the barbarian class)

((spawn beast (epic): saprolings: 2PP + 1PP from fungal plane)

  • (mold land (greater): 2PP + 1PP from Nibiru)
  • (nourish land 1PP from spore chambers: dark planet)


  • 1 PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace - Humites know divination
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Humites know the Scrying ritual.
  • 1 PP - Claim Domain - Prophecy
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Some humties are instructed to use their divination to guide other humites. They are called oracles.
  • 1 PP - Create Artifact - The Temporal Eye - Like the Orb of Visions, except it vaguely shows the future, not the present.


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Defense Coalition
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Order of the White Shield
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Asilia goes to war against Patren
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace - Minotaurs learn Masonry
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Asilia
  • 3 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Shape Populace (Greater) - Pit Fiends
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Masila

The Empress(1900)

  • 2 PP Form Domain (Moderate) Chromatic Dragons
  • 2 PP +1 from the Land Spike Create Artifact (Greater) The Heart: This artifact grows even more powerful than before, but this increase in power interferes with the magic keeping Atakhari aloft, causing the city to crash-land on the new continent. The Heart still acts as a portal to the Chaos, though it is closed right now, but now it also provides 1 PP towards Mold Actions.
  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser) The Eladrin who worship the Empress travel to Asika

The Empress[( 1902])

  • 1 PP +1 from Leilaka Shape Populace (Lesser) Shifters: This race of primal creatures are born upon Mara's continent, and they find they have a strange resonance with the moon.


  • 2PP (Ssabrec, Light Child)-Nourish Populous: Imperium
  • 2PP Guide Populous, Greater: Imperium learns to ride Mryw
  • 1PP Nourish Beast: Mryw
  • 2PP Create Artifact: Make the Niflendar Flamborge a combat artifact


  • 3pp Ascend Exarch: The Codex (Teach/Guide)
  • 2 pp Enslavement/Slavery (create moderate domain)
  • 1 pp Mold Land: The Hidden Plateau

June 10thEdit


  • 1pp Guide Population- The rest of the Demons that were not covered by the 2pp last turn begin to worship Drahthor.
  • 1pp Guide Population (Herald)- Xanthor learns to make a strange drug called Noth that enhances the user, but addiction is likely and dangerous.


  • 1 - Guide, The Free Nation learns Reading and Writing and create a new language merging the ones of it inhabitants.


  • 1 pp: Create Artifact(Lesser): Create Geargates, which link the world and Mechanus. Kiptar can cut them off if he feels the need to.
  • 1 pp: Guide populace(Greater)(City of Gears)(Cultural contact): Warforged learn Balcksmithing
  • 2 pp: Guide populace(Greater): Warforged organize guilds, which are like political parties(sort of), as well as the Guildhall, which is a governing body, where each Guild can affect how the warforged are ruled (Government, essentially)

June 11thEdit


  • 1pp Guide Populace: The Sahaugin begin to worship Drahthor.
  • 1pp Guide Populace: The Sahaugin that worship Drahthor migrate to the sea by the city of Xanthor.
  • 1pp Nourish Populace (Eye of Restraint): The new community of sahaugin finds the waters full of fish and they thrive.


  • 1 pp: Guide populace(Lesser): Warforged settle the northwest of the original continent(What is it called?)
  • 1 pp: Spawn Creature(Lesser)(Gear of Creation): Iron Cobra


  • 2pp Create Plane (lesser): Drahthor creates the Palace of Xa'an around the pillar of fire, in effect replacing the old creation of Chactross as the sun.

June 12thEdit


  • 3 PP [+1 Eorna] Guide Populace x2 - Humites learn cartography and navigation
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Humites told to explore south
  • 1 PP [+1 Eorna] - Nourish Populace x2 - Humites have increased numbers to explore the rest of the world.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Population - The Order of the White Shield


  • 1PP from Great Cathedral, Guide Populace: Humanity formally approaches minotaurs. From here it's gonna be all RP... This might have some bad consequences...
  • 1PP from Leylines, Spawn Beast: Blade SPiders in the underdark.
  • 1PP from Stars, Nourish Populace: Ettercaps have a period of strengthening.

June 13thEdit


  • 2 - Guide (1 from Aether Ripples), the Dark Eladrin learn the druid class
  • 1 - Guide Dark eladrin druids begin to worship Hensen and to diffuse the cult among the tribes, most of these druids keep worshiping Mara too.
  • 1- Guide (Discount for trading with the warforged), the Free nation learn Alchemy and develop ink among other alchemical wonders.
  • 1- Nourish (from Bloodstones), the Free nation birth rate and mutation rate rise, they build new cities to accommodate the growing population

The Empress(1949)

  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Land: Numerous jade deposits appear on Asika.


  • (guide populace (thallid) 1PP + 1PP from Nugorroth: thallid get access to druid class)
  • (guide populace (thallid) 2PP: thallid get access to the fighter class)
  • (nourish populous (thallid) 1PP + 1PP from spore chamber)
  • (mold land 1PP + 1PP from Nibiru)


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Eladrin
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Patren learns the Swordmage class
  • 3 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Shape Populace (Lesser) - War Devil


  • Create Artifact – 3 PP (2 PP (Mara) + 1 PP (Workshop)) and Mold Land – 1 PP (Dimensional Bullwark) and Create Lesser Plane – 2 PP (Mara): Skyway River.


  • Guide Populace - 1 PP from Astral Orrery - Dark Eladrin learn agriculture
  • Nourish Populace - 1 PP (from Vazen) - Lycanthropy spreads to Shardar Kai
  • Guide Populace - 1 PP - Shardar-Kai worship Mara

Hammu (1956)

  • 1PP: Guide Populace (lesser): Beacon learns Riding from Eladrin.
  • +1PP (Hands and Eyes of Yoglith): Nourish Land: The Chronoptera speed time all along the north coast of the old continent, creating abundant harvests and new plant life.
  • 1PP +1PP (Rabi): Create Artifact (moderate): The Hammer of Law now functions as a +1 Combat artifact.
  • 1PP + 1PP (The Code): Guide Populace (moderate): Beacon learns to make paper.
  • 1PP: Spawn Beast (Heroic): Wyverns spread through the Shattered Lands and along the northern coast.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Elves worship Veros
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Dark Eladrin worship Veros
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Psuedodragons

The Empress(1961)

  • 1 PP +1 from Leilaka Shape Populace (Lesser) Howling Hags
  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser) The Howling Hags worship the Empress. They call her Svami, the Mother-in-Dreams.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) Shifters worship the Howling Hags, and, by extension, the Empress.

Week of June 14th - 20thEdit

June 14thEdit


  • 2 pp: Create Artifact(intermediate): Data Crystal: This stores energy shaped as the warforged language. They use it to store information and other things. (Its almost like computers, if that helps)
  • 2 pp: Guide Populace(Greater): Warforged learn how to use the Data Crystal, and create smaller versions for personal use that sync with the main one continuously.


  • -2PP (Mold land, Moderate) Create the First Forest of Ardune, the Forest of Roots


  • 1pp Guide (Herald)- The Sahaugin are brought into the nation of Xanthor as second class citizens.
  • 2pp Guide- The Drahkorn learn to use alchemy and the supply of seaweed to make a diverse range of things from paper to a malleable log of bone like hardness and many other things in between.
  • 2pp Guide- The Drahkorn learn weaponsmithing and begin to supply their new citizens with spears, swords, etc.
  • 1PP Nourish (Eye of Restraint)- Xanthor thrives as the Drahkorn population begins to grow.

The Empress(1965)

  • 3 PP Shape Populace (Moderate) Aboleths

June 15thEdit


  • 3 PP: Ascend Exarch, The Wondermaker, he provides a +1 Create PP bonus.
  • 2 PP Guide (1 From Aether Ripples): The Free nation Learn Ritual Casting
  • 1 PP (from Bloodstone): Nourish the Free Nation population keep growing, and they colonize most of the Bloodstone Archipelago.


  • 3PP-Claim Domain, Greater: Time


  • 3PP Shape Populous (Moderate) Earth Archons


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Astral Orrery) - Dark Eladrin - Five Clans diverge into distinct Nations. The clans fight each other on-and-off
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Dark Eladrin - Learn Fighter Class (from Frost Giants)
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - Dark Eladrin - Learn Avenger Class
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Dark Eladrin - Learn Woodworking/wood construction.
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Dark Eladrin


  • 2PP-Create Artifact, Medium: Ex-Temporal Shell (Blocks deities other than Vymrl from entering the enclosed space.)
  • 2PP (Ssabrec, Light Child)-Nourish Populous: Imperium


  • 1 pp nourish land: fill the outer realm with the taint of madness, a fertile broth for many beings to spawn from...
  • 3 pp Ascend Exarch: The Haggis (shape)


  • 1 pp Guide/teach (The Codex) guide the folk of the Free Nation to worship Endir, the aspect of Ipsur representing Ambition.

June 16thEdit


  • 1 pp: Spawn Creature(Lesser)(Gear of Creation): Treasure Oozes, which appear to be piles of metallic parts, but have a sentience behind them, driving them to do what Kiptar commands. They are lower divine servants for him, similar to the Mech swarms. They live in the River, and a very small percentage, about 1% spread to other planes and observe.


  • 1 PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace - Humites learn how to make musical instruments such as harps and flutes
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - Humites learn how to make art out of stone


  • 1pp Guide Population- The Drahkorn build simple hut houses for the Sahaugin in the shallow water at the cities edge.


  • (guide populace 1PP + 1PP from Nugorroth: Teach thallid grafting)
  • (nourish thallid 1PP from spore chambers)
  • (guide populace (tsarok) 2PP: Teach Tsarok aether ships)
  • (nourish populace (tsarok) 1PP)
  • (mold land 1PP + 1PP from Niburu: grow dark planet even further)

The Empress(2004)

  • 1 PP from the Heart: Mold Land (Lesser): A very deep area in the sea, the Shipyard is apparently where all ships go after they crash. Whether this is true or not, there does seem to be a lot of sunken ships there. This place is also home to Aboleths, who lair in the shells of broken ships.


  • Veros granted 1PP
  • 1PP from Leylines, Spawn Beast: Ochre Jelly. In the Underdark.
  • 1PP, Spawn Beast: Gelatinous Cube. In the Underdark.


  • 3 PP - Ascend Exarch - Gorion (combat, also serves a power source for infernal warlocks)
  • 2 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Shape Populace (Moderate) - Bearded Devil


  • 1PP, Nourish Populace: Gargoyles join Alexandria.
  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Gargoyles learn to Read/Write.


  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Asilia learns Warlock (particuarly the infernal variety)


  • 1PP from creation Forge, Create Artifact: As yet unnamed, but it's a heroic-tier artifact. And making it's first showing in MS.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Doppelgangers expand into Beacon
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Rot Scarab Swarm
  • 1 PP – Nourish Populace –Asilia


  • 1PP Guide Populous, Fire Archons, to worship Jormundrasil

The Empress(2020)

  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser) Asikan Empire: The Eladrin on Asika form a new nation.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) The Dasa are enslaved by the Asikan Empire
  • 2 PP Teach Populace (Moderate) Mining: The Dasa learn to mine using the tools they still have from Atakhari.
  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Populace The Asikan Empire: The new nation prospers, and draws on the knowledge of both races to increase its power.


  • 3PP Shape Populous (Moderate) Storm Archons


  • 3PP-Create Artifact: Anomalaic Bindings (Imprison God)


  • 1pp +1pp (The Haggis) shape populace (Heroic Tier): form orcs
  • 1pp guide teach: orcs worship Ipsur as Gruumsh One Eye (Ipsur)


  • +1PP (The Code): Guide Populace (lesser): All of Beacon worships Hammu.
  • 1PP Guide Populace (lesser): Beacon learns the Cleric class from its Human citizens

June 17thEdit


  • 2pp Guide populace- The Drahkorn learn leather working and how to make leather armors.
  • 2pp Guide Populace- The sahaugin learn the fighter class.
  • 2pp (1 from Herald) Guide Populace- The sahaugin learn the druid class.


  • 2PP-Guide Populous: Heroic Tier Enchantments
  • 2PP (Ssabrec, Light Child)- Nourish Populous: Enchantments given to military.


  • 3 pp: Ascend Exarch(Gears)(Nourish)
  • 1 pp: Create Artifact(Gear of Items)
  • 1 pp: Guide Populace(Greater)(City of Gears)(Cultural Contact): Warforged learn rituals


  • 1PP Guide Populace(lesser): Many Rakshasa worship Hammu (though they know him as Shamash and do not connect the two)


  • 1 - Guide, the free Nation discover Sailing (learning from the warforged).
  • 1 - Guide (Aether Ripples), the Free Nation explorers went to the Humite lands, looking for their ancestors and to establish relations with them. I'll start a mortal stories post about that tomorrow


  • 1 PP (from Astral Orrery) – Some Dwarves worship Mara. (I believe the Dwarves still have their trade routes "artifact")

June 18thEdit


  • 2 pp Guie/teach populace teach skill: loot and pillage.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Dark Eladrin learn Metalworking (from Frost Giants)
  • 1 Pp - Guide Populace - Dark Eladrin learn weaponsmithing (from Frost Giants).


  • 1pp nourish populace: increase wealth

June 19thEdit


  • 3PP-Ascend Exarch: Argus Godsborn (Imprison)
  • 2PP-Teach Populous: Mythril Working
  • 1PP (Ssabrec)-Nourish Land: Mythril Veins
  • 1PP (Light Child)-Nourish Populous: Mythril distributed throughout Imperium.


  • 1 PP Nourish - The Free Nation reorganize in form of City State alliance, many new cities born within the Archipelago


  • 1 PP [+1 Annolum] - Shape Populace - Half-humites (Will be statted)
  • 1 PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace - Half-humites know divination

The Empress(2059)

  • 1 PP Form Domain (Lesser) Wrath
  • 1 PP Form Domain (Lesser) Pride


  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Loremasters learn to make airships, using rituals to bring the ships alot, as well as to control them.
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace - Loremasters send expeditions in search of new lands
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - The first loremaster expedition develops a presence in the Free Nation.


  • 1 PP -(From Exarch) Nourish Populace- Free Nations/Bloodmyst Archipelago - Arrr! There be pirates in the Bloodmyst Archipelago.


  • 2 - Create Artifact (one from the Wondermaker), Arcane Focuser (Hanvis Machine), this large artifact building is capable of producing vast amount of residuum to allow mass production of low level arcane items and use of rituals to the ones controlling it (mechanically wise it does nothing in LoC, however it will be the base of future techs that I plan to introduce).

June 20thEdit


  • 1 Nourish (from Bloodstone), the Bloodguard is created as a permanent volunteer army
  • 1 Guide (-1 from cultural contact), the Free Nation learn the fighter class.


  • 1PP from the Stars +1PP, Nourish Land: Water and plants in the underdark.
  • 3PP, Nourish Populace: Alexandria
  • 1PP, Nourish Populace: Humites
  • 1PP, Nourish Populace: Eladrin


  • guide populaces 6PP + 1PP from Nugorroth: Tsarok-Hem, Tsarok-Aran and grey fungi are grouped together to become one faction under "The Link".


  • 3 PP (+1 Eorna) - Nourish Land x3 - Ardune, Zophar, and the Bloodmyst Archipelgo now all contain portals to the Feywyld. These are inaccessable to anyone but humites, unless PP is spent to teach a new race how to use them.


  • 2 PP Create Artifact (+1 PP from Skyway River) – Astral Orrery - +1 PP for Mold Land/De-Mold Actions. Note that, just with the Skyways River. The Astral Orrery will expend its 1 PP to automatically De-Mold any action to create a new astral body within the heavens (counted as anything beyond the Aegis).
  • 1 PP – Nourish Populace – Lycanthropy spreads to Shardar-Kai


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - The Chronoptera worships Veros
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Chronoptera
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Lesser) - (unnamed at the moment)
  • 3 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Shape Populace (Greater) - Legion Devils


  • 1 PP - Form Domain (Lesser) Joy

Week of June 21st - 27thEdit

June 21stEdit


  • 1 PP- Form Domain (Lesser) Feudalism


  • 2 PP: Mold Populace: Teach the elves the knight class.
  • 2 PP: Mold Populace: Teach the same elves Feudalism.


  • 1 PP: Mold Populace- Influence the same elves from above post to worship Azor'Chapien

The Empress(2083)

  • 1 PP Form Domain (Lesser) Lust


  • 1pp Guide Populace- Drahthor brings the entire lolsalfar race to his palace.
  • 1pp Guide Populace (Herald)- the Lolsalfar worship Drahthor.
  • 2pp Guide Populace- The Lolsalfar learn the avenger class.
  • 2pp Guide Populace- The Lolsalfar learn the invoker class.
  • 1pp Nourish Populace (Eye of Restraint)- The Lolsalfar find a renewed sense of spirit and purpose in their immortal lives.


  • 1PP Nourish Populace: More Deva are "born"; some in Beacon, and others elsewhere who make their way to the city.
  • 1PP Nourish Populace: Rakshasa increase in like numbers to the Deva


  • 0 PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace - Half-Humite learn the invoker class (Is this necesary?)
  • 4 PP - Guide Populace x2 - Humites and Half humites can take the paragon path called Golden One (this will be statted later)
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Some half-humites in the Bloodmyst Archipelago worship Shurka
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - More humites in Terena worship Shurka than ever before


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Free Nations - Free Nations worship Mara, mostly seamen, pirates and others who plow the seas. (Note, discount due to contact with Humites)


  • 1 PP - Form Domain (Lesser) Flowers


  • 3 PP Ascend Exarch: Convincer. Convincer is an abnormally tall gnome whose job is to expand the knowledge of Nixis far and wide. He provides Guide PP.
  • 1 PP Guide Gnomes: Gnomes now worship Nixis


  • 5PP-Create Plane, Greater: Tamurung, The Bound Plane (The extra PP represents the lack of access via the Skyway River.)
  • 1PP- Create Artifact, Lesser: Temporal Anomolies (Quite dangerous to mortals, not as much to gods)
  • 2PP (Artifact, Exarch)-Nourish Populous: The Imperium

June 22ndEdit


  • 2 - Guide (1 from Aether Ripples), the Free Nation learn how to craft Bloodstone Weaponry, mechanically their weapons produce effect similar to gunpowder ones (late renaissance level cannon, pistols and muskets). In order to equip an army with this weapons the know how is not enough, access to a reliable source of residuum (like the Arcane Focuser) is needed to "mass" produce them.
  • 1 - Guide. The alchemists learn how to make Elixir of Sin.


  • 3PP Guide Actions, bind all three kinds of Archon into The Unity


  • 1 Guide - Another fleet is sent to Beacon and to scout the remaining part of the continent from there.
  • 2 Nourish (1 From Bloodstones), the Free Nation keep expanding and its Blood Guard grows in size and in power.
  • 1 Create (from the Wondermaker),

The Compass of Shifting Routes. A gift to a pirate captain from the Wondermaker, the Compass is capable of showing the way to the thing that the user desire most, however it does not find what is really needed and usually it brings more harm than benefits. (for a fluff about it I'll make a new wiki page). Mara(2104)

  • 1 PP (from Exarch [Vazen]) – DeNourish – Eladrin – All records/copies of the inquisition/purge are destroyed, except for one single sheet (possessed by the Maran priestess?).
  • 2 PP (1 PP from Artifact [Astral Orrery]) – Guide Populace – Dark Eladrin – Learn Alphabet (Runic style)
  • 2 PP – Guide Populace – Dark Eladrin – Learn to make Paper
  • 1 PP – Nourish Populace – Dark Eladrin


  • 1 PP: Mold Land (Lesser): Covering the Zataran's back with a good layer of soil (roughly the size of a medium-sized island)
  • 1 PP: Nourish Land: Cover the Zataran's back with air.

June 23rdEdit

The Empress(2111)

  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser) The Eladrin who worship the Empress and who still live in their homeland form the Beggar's Guild.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) The Beggar's Guild worships the Empress.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) All poor humans residing in the Shattered Lands join the Beggar's Guild.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) All poor humites residing in and around Terena join the Beggar's Guild.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) All poor warforged residing in the City of Gears join the Beggar's Guild.
  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Populace (Lesser) The Beggar's Guild
  • 1 PP from the Land Spike Create Artifact (Lesser) The Envious Glass allows the user to scry out of any reflective surface they know about, and allow their visage to be reflected out of that surface.


  • 1PP Nourish Populous, The Unity


  • (mold land 1PP from Niburu)
  • (guide populi 6PP+1PP from Nugorroth: to add the tsarok-aran and grey fungi to the Tsarok. The faction that contains all of these 3 races and their mindless minions will simple becalled the Tsarok)
  • (nourish land 1PP from spore chambers)


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Dwarves flock to Meribia
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Halflings flock to Meribia
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Merbia developes architecture
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - More and more humites accept the Defense Coalition
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Patren
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Move the Shattered Lands Minotaurs to Ardune


  • 2 PP- Create Lesser Plane (Xeronet)


  • 1PP Guide Populace: Rakshasa form The Well, an underground city in the Underdark.
  • +1PP (Rabi) Create Artifact (lesser): The Provost's Courts provide a place for Rakshasa to seek Justice. While inside, no mortal may knowingly lie.
  • 1PP Nourish Population: Beacon grows and prospers.
  • +1PP (The Code) Guide Populace: Beacon forms the Argent Guard as a full-time protective force.


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - One eladrin did, in fact, retain copies of the documents thought destroyed. Though they are in Loremaster, not eladrin, hands.
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - The Eladrin unite to form the theocracy of Sivera
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Avariels worship Veros
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Kalafi Krak
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land - Some land near Meribia rises above the ocean
  • 3+1 PP (Artifact) - Create Plane (Greater) - Astral Sea. It is not connected to the Skyway River. It has several other small properties that I'll mention in the OOC.


  • 1 PP - De Nourish - And now, ALL the copies are destroyed.


  • 1 PP - Nourish - Copies still exist.


  • 1 PP - De-Nourish - Nu uh. The copies are destroyed.


  • 1PP Guide Elves to worship Jormundrasil
  • 3PP create Exarch, Criellas (PP bonus, if I need to specify, nourish actions


  • 1 PP - Nourish - The copies remain.

June 24thEdit


  • 1 PP - De-Nourish. No, they don't.


  • 1 - Nourish - Yeah, they do.


  • 2 PP- Shape Populace (Lesser)- Create the Azorans
  • 2 PP- Mold Land (Moderate)- Create the island Azora


  • 2 PP [+1 Eorna] - De-nourish Organization x3 - The White Shield loses standing in Terena
  • 0 PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace - Some humites are told the truth about the White Shield
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Humites in Terena told to protest against the White Shield.


  • 3 PP: Ascend Exarch Chukwa. Chukwa is one of Oravalos' Zataran's. Eventually he'll have a fully functioning island on his back, and will serve as my home base. Yes, this was inspired by Hindu creation myths He gives +1 to nourish actions.


  • 1PP Mold Land: Beacon's engineers transform a cove into a deep, protected harbor. The town of Lighthouse grows around the docks.
  • 2PP (-1 from Free Nation trade): Beacon learns Sailing
  • 1PP Nourish Populace: The cheap and plentiful protein from the Lighthouse fishing fleet sparks a new population boom in Beacon.


  • 3 PP - Shape Populace (moderate), Bloodborn.
  • 1 PP - Guide (from Aether Ripples), Bloodborn join the Free Nation.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Loremasters) - All Copies that exist, will be created, or are to be found in the future, are so far from the originals (especially considering the copies that were found were generated after the originals already had been destroyed), are in fact entirely fake, filled with the hopeful guesses of uninformed historians, priests, demagogues, etc, trying to make a quick buck or use them for an agenda.


  • 1PP-Create Artifact: Malrime Ballista (Already 2PP, now makes it three with a +1 bonus to combat)
  • 3PP-Create Artifact: Niflendar Flamborge (+2 bonus)
  • 3PP-Nourish Populous (artifact): Imperium


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Book of Inquisition, which contains all records of the inquisition.

June 25th Edit


  • 2pp Create Plane Lesser: Drahthor creates the plane of Valhalla several dozen kilometers northeast of the Chilled Archipelago's shoreline.
  • 1pp Guide (Herald)- The nation of Xanthor establishes a mutual training coalition with the Frost Giants. In effect, this functions just like a trading agreement where we both get discounts on the others tech, however we need to get the OK from one another before we can go ahead with the guide actions.

The Empress(2166)

  • 1 PP From Domain (Lesser) Sloth


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Tereneans
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - Ancients know how to access Feywyld portals, though now they choose not to use them.


  • +1PP (The Code) Guide Populace: Beacon learns of the Bronze Pantheon. Their first allegiance is to Hammu, but some begin to worship other gods as well- especially Hensen and Drahthor.

The Empress(2169)

  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser) Green Dragons join the Asikan Empire, taking a position of prominence in the hierarchy.
  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Populace (Lesser) The Asikan Empire grows prosperous and expands into the Kishaan Rainforest.


  • 2 PP (1 pp from Convincer): Guide Populace: The gnomes learn to be bards.


  • 1pp Guide Action- Xanthor establishes a limited trading agreement with Terena

June 26thEdit


  • 2 PP Nourish (1 From Bloodstone), the free nation power grows and many in the elité turn into Bloodborn.
  • 2 PP Create (1 from the Wondermaker), Godsbane, +1 combat artifact. Its powe can't be used against Hensen (wikipage coming soon).

The Empress (2187)

  • 1 PP From Domain (Lesser) Gluttony


  • 1pp Guide Populace: The worship of Drahthor takes root among the humites of Terena.


  • 0 PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace - Drakhorn can become healers
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Some sahuagin worship Shurka
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Sahuagins know how to heal


  • 2 PP (1 from Astral Orrery) - guide Populace - Maran worhipping dwarves (and only them) gain the Paladin Class.

June 27thEdit


  • 1 pp: Guide populace (Greater)(City of Gears): Warforged learn the Paladin Class.
  • 3 pp: Create artifact(Greater): Gear of Creation, now provides +1 Create PP in addition to the spawn pp.
  • 0 pp: Nourish Populace(Gears(Exarch)): Warforged grow in number and root into their territory.


  • 1 PP - Nourish PP - Elves becoming increasingly isolationistic, and trade/contact less with the outside world. And yet they are prospering and growing in numbers.


  • 1PP from Great Cathedral, Guide Populace: Humans learn riding
  • 2PP, Guide Populace: Humans begin the domestication of the beasts with which they share their homes. Primarily as weapons of war.
  • 2PP, Guide Populace: Humans learn the Warlock class. Primarilly Star Pact.
  • 1PP, Spawn Beast: Centipede Swarm
  • 1PP, Spawn Beast: Monstrous Centipede
  • 1PP from Stars +1PP, Nourish Populace: Minotaurs... Don't ask why, I just feel bad that I missed the war.

The Empress(2242)

  • 3 PP +1 from Leilaka Shape Populace (Greater) The Sinners
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) The Sinners worship The Empress


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Loremasters
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Humans
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - The elves of Taldar organize, forming the nation of Sylvena
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - The Defense Coalition builds up Terena's infrastructure, givng them a very good reputation
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Humites
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace - The humans around Asilia band together, finally disregarding all of their rivalries in one last ditch effort to hold back Patren's forces
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Cockatrice

The Empress(2251)

  • 1 PP +1 from Priya Guide Populace (Moderate) The Sinners learn to use rituals.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) Half of the Sinners form the Sensation Seekers. These depart Niyanta almost at once using teleportation rituals.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) The rest of the Sinners form the Children of Sin.


  • 1PP - Form Domain (Lesser) - Chroma forms the domain of colour in honour of his creation.


Week of June 28th - July 4thEdit

June 28thEdit


  • 1 PP: guide Popualce: Azorans now worship Azor'Chapien
  • 3 PP: Ascend Exarch: King Valden is now an exarch


  • 1 PP (Convincer): Guide Populous: Azoreans now worship Nixis (although they realize the place and time for his mischief)
  • 1 PP (Chukwa): Nourish land: Creation of a water system on Chukwa's back.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populous: The gnomes expand and grow.


  • 1pp Guide Populace (The Herald)- The sahaugin of Xanthor now worship the Bronze Pantheon, though they place Drahthor at the head of this worship.
  • 1pp Nourish Populace (Eye of Restraint)- The Humite worship of Drahthor flourishes and spreads.
  • 1pp Nourish/De-Nourish- The drug Noth begins to appear in humite society, with all of its benefits and drawbacks.


  • 2pp- Craft Artifact (Sunshine Chakram) +1 Combat Bonus


  • Create Artifact (Greater) - The Rainbow Pools provide a PP bonus to Create actions. In addition, any mortal that drinks from it will have good or bad luck for the day, the type and amount of luck hanging on the whims of chance.


  • 4 pp: Shape Populace(Greater): Iron Dragons inhabit the northeast peninsula on the second continent(Name eludes for the moment).
  • 1 pp: Nourish Creature(Gears): Iron Dragons grow and multiply
  • 1 pp: Guide Populace(Lesser)(City of Gears): Warforged living in the peninsula incorporate the Iron Dragons into their life.

June 29thEdit


  • 2 PP- Shape Populace (Lesser) - Created the gnolls


  • 3 PP - Ascend Exarch, Yorik the Unchanged, (+1 Combat Exarch).

The Empress(2271)

  • 2 PP Guide Populace (Lesser x2) The Beggar's Guild expands into the poor residents of Patren and Asilia.
  • 1 PP Teach Populace (Moderate, with discount) Ritual casting: The Beggar's Guild diffuses ritual casting throughout its members.
  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Populace (Lesser) The Asikan Empire


  • 3 Create (1 From the Wondermaker) PP - Bloodstones also produce 1 Mold PP.
  • 1 Guide PP (from Aether Ripples, cultural contact discount) - Free Nation begin to use paper.
  • 1 Nourish PP (From Bloodstones), harmless wildlife emerge in Bloodmyst Archipelago.


  • 2 PP - Create Plane - Created Carceri, the Astral Prison.
  • 3 PP - Create Artifact - Godlock (Provides 1 PP toward imprison)


  • 1 PP - De-Nourish - Shurka's Exarch Selya is powerless for the duration of this turn.
  • 3 PP - Ascend Exarch - Drevan Stoneshield becomes an exarch


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace (from Exarch) - Vampires of Meribia - Vampires getting a little frisky.
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (from Artifact) - Karak-Rik Begins hunting/fighting Vampires in Meribia. They arn't succesful, but are learning.
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - The Karak-Rik Guild, through its public-facing mercantile members and endeavors, gains wealth and some influence.

June 30thEdit


  • 4 – Create Greater Plane (1 from Wondermaker), the Grand Distortion, most of its creatures are still fluff (and so can’t exist outside the realm).


  • 3PP : Create Artifact: The Astral Shard. Gem containing a portion of the Astral Sea within it. Acts as a focus for create actions (+1 Create PP)


  • 1 PP [+1 Eorna, +1 from Mara] - Nourish Populace x3 - The Defense Coalition (only nourished in numbers, not power.]
  • 0 PP [+1 Eorna, +1 from Mara] - Guide Populace x2 - Humites learn Speak with Dead, and Raise Dead.


  • 1PP from the Great Cathedral, Guide Populace: Silversmithing for the Loremasters.
  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Leatherworking for the Loremasters.


  • (nourish Tsarok faction: 3PP+1PP from spore chambers)
  • (nourish Thallid: 2PP)
  • (Guide populace Thallid: 1PP+1PP from Nugorroth: Thallid learn the art of moss-runes)


  • 1pp spawn creature (Ziggurat of Drahthor): cattle spawn in the former Eladrin Empire (what is the new name again?)
  • 2pp Guide Populace: The Eladrin Kingdom learns to domesticate the new cattle.
  • 1pp Guide Populace: The worship of Drahthor begins to spread in the former Eladrin kingdom.
  • 1pp Nourish Populace: The worship of Drahthor flourishes in this new land.


  • 1PP from Leyline +1PP, Spawn Beast: A breed of Phase Spiders meant for use as a mount.
  • 2PP, Guide Populace: Alexandria develops Wizards. Their training regimen is based in an unusual amount of Summoning and attack magics.
  • 1PP from the Stars, Nourish Populace: Ettercaps, hey they just got more fun friends.


  • 3PP: Ascend Exarch: Fang, the Delver (+1 mold PP)
  • 1PP: Spawn Beast: Tiger Sharks (heroic- equivalent to Riding Sharks in the MM) are found in the waters near Lighthouse.
  • 1PP (The Code) Guide Populace: The Argent Guard learns to ride Tiger Sharks


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Asilia
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Defense Coalition
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Defense Coalition consolodates power.
  • 1 PP + 1 PP - Create Artifact (Moderate) - Staff of Ruin becomes a combat artifact
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Minotaurs
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Loremaster
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Minotaurs of Taldar form the nation of Menosa
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Spawn Beast (Lesser) - Will-o'-wisp


  • Guide Populace (1 PP) - The gnolls now worship Chroma
  • Nourish Populace (1PP) - The gnolls grow greater in number, and stronger in force.

July 1stEdit


  • 4 – Create Greater Plane (1 from Wondermaker), the Grand Distortion, most of its creatures are still fluff (and so can’t exist outside the realm).


  • 1 PP Spawn (heroic), Motes of Change Swarm.


  • 1PP - Spawn Beast (Lesser): Created the Kruthik as a gift for Hensen, though Chroma like them enough he wants to keep some for Ardune


  • 4 pp: Shape Populace(Greater): Adamite(Adamantine) Dragons, live in the warforged controlled area that is the northwest bit of the original continent
  • 1 pp: Nourish Populace(Greater)(Gears): Adamite Dragons grow and settle down.
  • 1 pp: Guide Populace(Lesser)(City of Gears): Warforged integrate Adamite Dragons into their society, like Iron Dragons. Note, though, that both kinds stay in the general area where they were created.
  • 1 pp: Form Domain(Lesser): Metallic Dragons.


  • Create Moderate Artifact - 1PP + 1PP from Rainbow Fountain: The small rift in Chaos is harmless at this time, and entirely unnoticeable unless you were actively looking for it in the area. None the less, the extra choas it provides funtions as a +1 Combat Artifact.


  • 1 PP Guide Populace [+1 from King Valden]- The Azorans now know feudalism.
  • 2 PP Create Artifact (Moderate)- The Blade of Azora has been forged and grants a +1 attack bonus to Azor'Chapien


  • 1 PP Nourish land (from Chukwa): Chukwa's back is now covered with trees and grasses similar to a temperate island

The Empress(2323)

  • 1 PP +1 from the Heart Mold Land (Moderate)The Arrogant Spine: A mountain range springs up along the west border of the continent of Asika. There is only a thin sliver of open land between the mountain range and the western ocean.
  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser) The red dragons migrate to the Arrogant Spine.
  • 3 PP +1 from Leilaka Shape Populace (Greater) Brown Dragons appear in the Asikan desert.
  • 2 PP Guide Populace (Lesser x2) Brown Dragons and Red Dragons join the Asikan Empire, both taking very prestigious positions within the Empire.
  • 1 PP from Atakhari Nourish Land (Lesser) Numerous small desert-dwelling animals, such as lizards, appear in the Asikan desert.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Modify the Temporal Harmonizer to use the Skyway River as a power source
  • 3 PP - Form Domain (Greater) - Time
  • 2 PP - Create Plane (Lesser) - Take control of the demi-plane of time

July 2ndEdit


  • Guide Populace 1 PP from The Mouth of the Land: Makes her prescence known amongst Halflings and Dwarfs, several of the converts back to the old faith.


  • Nourish Land 1 PP: The planet as a whole flourishes thanks to the the blessing of the Earth Goddess. Forests expands, harvests are bountiful, more children are born and so forth.
  • Claim Domain 3pp: Water. Eijra claims rule over the oceans of the world from the sleeping god Neko.


  • 3PP Form Domain (greater): Hammu claims the domain of Balance, though he is not the first to do so.


  • 1PP - Mold Land (from Bloodstones) create the Red Claw mountain in the inner world.


  • 2 PP (1 from astral shard): Create Plane (Lesser): The Library: A repository for the knowledge of the world, protected from mortal worries.
  • 1 PP: Create Artifact (lesser) Skyway River Slide: Basically blocks entry into the Library from the Skyway River.


  • 2 PP: Claim Moderate Domain: Language
  • 1 PP (From Convincer): Guide Populace: Some humites begin worshiping Nixis as an escape from the drama surrounding Terena in recent days.

July 3rdEdit


  • 1 PP Mold Land- Create Mount Chapien


  • 1 PP (from artifact) – Nourish Populace – Vampires take over the ancient Dwarven Fortress. They form a loose organization called the Red Court.
  • 1 PP Nourish Populace – Vampres – Red Court gaining prominence among all types of Vampires
  • 1 PP – Nourish Populace – Dwarves, mostly in Meribia, but also elsewhere, grow in numbers.
  • 1 PP (from artifact) – Guide Populace – Vampires/Karak Rik – The two sides fight more.
  • 1 PP – Guide Populace – Karak Rik – Begins importing Noth from the Humites, selling it particularly to the halflings.
  • 1 PP – Mold Populace – Dwarves – Dwarves are mostly resistant to Noth.
  • 1 PP – Nourish Populace – Karak Rik – Getting rich off international trade, particularly of Noth and using money for further influence and power, expanding its arms into government and gaining other allies.


  • 1 PP - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Repair the Divine Blockade.

July 4thEdit


  • 1 PP - Form Lesser Domain, Illusion.
  • 1 PP - Nourish (from Bloodstones), Hydra Society spread to the Free Nations.
  • 1 PP - Guide (from Aether Ripples), Hydra Society learn ritual casting from the Free nations.


  • 1 pp: Create Artifact(Lesser)(Gear of Creation): God-Seeker, an orb that lets it locate divine power and find the source of it. If it knows a god and has met that god, it can find them specifically, or it can search for power in general.


  • 4 PP [+1 Eorna] - Nourish Populace x5 - Basically will just cancel out the next five de-nourishes to the humites.
  • 2 PP - Form Domain - Protection.


  • +1 PP (Fang the Delver) Mold Land: The tunnels and warrens controlled by The Well grow ever deeper, and the earth around grows warm to the touch.
  • +1 PP (The Code) Guide Populace: Using the copies of The Code he had brought, Rabi instructs the Delvers in fighting techniques, forming them into a standing army.
  • 1PP +1PP (Rabi the Smith) Create Artifact: The Lash of Justice: Rabi and Fang forge a lash as a symbol of the power wielded by Fang as an Exarch of Shamash. The Lash functions as a +1 combat artifact.


  • (nourish populous (Tsarok faction) 1PP+1PP from spore chambers)
  • (nourish populous (Thallid) 2PP)
  • (nourish land 1PP)
  • (nourish populous (beholders) 1PP)
  • (nourish populous (Tetradecapods) 1PP)


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Asilia
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Loremasters master paper
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser) - Small archipelago to the southeast of Ardune
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Vampires inflitrate the eladrin.


  • Create Artifact (Greater) 2PP + 1 from Fountain - Created the Rainbow Veil. This artifact causes the sky in the Inner World to cycle colours gradually at irregular intervals, and creates a permanent aura borealis that's more intense at night. It also provides 1 Spawn PP.


  • 1 PP (from Convincer): Guide Populace: Gnomes travel to the back of Chukwa.
  • 1 PP (from Chukwa): Nourish Populace: Gnomes flourish on Chukwa's back, founding the city of Diaspora.

Week of July 5th – July 11thEdit

July 5thEdit


  • 4 pp: Shape Populace(Greater): Gold dragons live in the warforged controlled area that is the northeast part of the main continent. Like other dragons, they just stay there mostly and don't spread out.
  • 1 pp: Guide Populace(Lesser): Warforged on the northeast portion of the continent integrate gold dragons into their society.
  • 1 pp: Nourish Populace(Gears): Gold dragons grow more numerous.
  • 2 pp: Create Artifact(Intermediate)(Gear of Creation): Armor of Gears, provides a +1 combat bonus.


  • 1PP - Guide Populace, to call the elves to the desert
  • 1PP - Mold Land, to create the desert
  • 2PP - Guide Populace (Greater), to make the elves discover glasswork.


  • Guide Populace 1PP - The gnolls learn the Way of the Hunt
  • Guide Popilace 1PP - A large (though in the minority) amount of gnolls take up the Way of Slaughter. Followers of the Way of Slaughter do not worship Chroma

July 6thEdit


  • 2PP - Shape Populace (Lesser) Living Illusions,

wiki page coming soon, I'll put some info about the level roles and powers than I'll slowly stat them out.

  • 1 PP - Guide (from Aether Ripples) - Living Illusions Worship Hensen


  • 1PP (From Astral Shard): Create Artifact (Lesser): The Grand Index: A book containing the location of every book in the Library.
  • 3PP: Shape Populous (Moderate): Driders. Just like the MM driders, but medium in size.


  • 1 PP Mold Land (from Bloodstones), create a "bridge" formed of small islands between Bloodmyst Archipelago and the main continent.
  • 1 PP Nourish (from Bloodstones), Bloodstone tainted flora expand to the main continent
  • 1 PP Guide, The Free Nation discover Azora and sent a new expedition to contact its inhabitants looking for new trading partners.

(Mortal stories on wednsday if Chapien is interested)

  • 1 PP Guide, The Free Nation learn Cartography (cultural contact discount)
  • 1 PP Nourish, The Free Nation keep growing in power and the Bloodborn number increase.
  • 1 PP Create (from the Wondermaker), create the Lenses of Fate.

The Empress (2443)

  • 3 PP +1 from Leilaka Shape Populace (Greater) Black Dragons appear in the Kishaar Rainforest where they live side-by-side with Green Dragons.
  • 1 PP from Priya Guide Populace (Lesser) Black Dragons join the Asikan Empire.


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Loremasters
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Loremasters pick up Cartography
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Zophar worships Veros
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Greater) - Loremasters gain Psion
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Land - The western deserts begin to return to grassland, and become resistant to the bloodstone vegetation


  • 2 PP (From Shurka (thanks!)): Create Artifact (Moderate): Create the words of hate and anger. +1 combat.

The Empress(2448)

  • 2 PP Guide Populace (Lesser x2) The Sinners send envoys to Terena and to Alexandria.
  • 1 PP Guide Populace (Lesser) The Loha send an envoy to Asilia.

July 7thEdit


  • 1 PP Nourish, Hydra Society gain a foothold in Terena
  • 1 PP Guide, Hydra Society learn divination (cultural contact)


  • 1PP +1PP (The Code) Guide Populace: The Well learns to read and write (using metal sheets such as The Code uses).
  • +1PP (Rabi the Smith) Create Artifact: The Delver's Knot creates a local gravity field, pressing everything nearby away from itself with a force slightly greater than normal gravity.
  • 1PP Spawn Beast: Magma Striders move out into the middle Underdark
  • +1PP (Fang the Delver) Mold Land: The Underdark extends completely through the crust of the world to Ardune.
  • 1PP Mold Land: The Provost's Halls move under divine power to Ardune.


  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: Outlying humite villages increase in number and size.


  • 1PP from the Great Cathedral, Guide Populace: Gargoyles approach loremasters.
  • 2PP, Guide Populace: Alexandria learns the skill of Astronomy
  • 2PP, Guide Populace: Alexandria learns the art of Astrology (star divination)
  • 2PP, Guide Populace: Humans learn the Ranger class


  • 1PP + 1PP From Exarch Mouth of Land: Converts Elves and Humans to Eijra´s faith. These converts seldom if ever abandon their own Gods and mostly pray to Eijra for smaller things such as a good harvest or a healthy child.
  • Form Domain 1PP: Childbirth
  • Guide Populace 2PP: Calafi Krak establishes several new colonies and cities in both the archipelago and along the coast of Zophar. The population surges.
  • Teach Populace 2PP: Calafin Krakan navigators learn the ancient art of navigation on their own.


  • 3PP-Create Artifact-Academy Dominus
  • 1PP-Guide Populous, Lesser- Envoys sent to Free Nation and Alexandria
  • 1PP-Guide Populous, Lesser- Obsidian Crafting (From Xanthor)
  • 1PP-Guide Populous, Lesser- Alchemy
  • 1PP (Ssabrec)- Nourish Land- Obsidian Deposits


  • 1 PP - Nourish Land - Grey Wastes develop a numbers of plants suited to living in its conditions. Many are fungi.
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Moderate) - Grey Wastes
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Moderate) - The island of Azora vanishes as the lands formerly known as the Golden Hills rise from beneath the waves once more.


  • 0 PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace - Terena is much more willing to accept trade in their city, and allow more people in (includes non-Tereneans, gnomes, Free Nation, etc.)
  • 0 PP [+1 Eorna] - Nourish Populace - Defense Coalition better defends Terena
  • 2 PP - Create Artifact - Staff of Shurka is now two different combat artifacts. So it gives +2 to combat, giving me a total combat level of 10. (Maxed out)


  • 3 PP Ascend Exarch - Beryl is now an exarch, that provides +1 Guide PP
  • 1 PP from Rainbow Fountain, Create Artiface - Chroma creates the Rainbow Flail, a powerful eartly artifact that dazes or stuns those that hear it's shrill cry as it spins through the air


  • 2 PP (1PP from Astral Shard): Create Artifact (Moderate): Upgrade the words of hate and anger with additional words. It is now a +2 combat artifact.

July 8thEdit


  • Shape Populace (Moderate): Skreet 3 PP
  • Mold Land (Moderate): 2PP The creation of cavernous areas near the northern pole. "Midland" Underground from the perspective of either plane. (Roughly analogous to creating a mountain range, so I placed it under moderate...)
  • Nourish Land: 1PP The spawning of edible lichen and other such plants in the Midland.


  • 2PP-Guide Populous, Greater: Siege Tactics
  • 1PP-Guide Populous, Greater: Writing
  • 2PP-Guide Populous, Greater: Cavalier Class
  • 2PP (Ssabrec)-Nourish Populous: Imperium- Army expands


  • 1 PP - Attack God (aided by Hensen + Eijra)


  • 1 PP - Aid? -Mara whisks Draven away to some unknown location (at least for this turn).


  • 1 PP from Rainbow Veil - Spawn Hyenas. Cacklefiend Hyenas are pretty much Dire Hyenas in this incantation, and so count as Unaligned instead of Chaotic Evil.
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace: The followers of the Path of Slaughter send emissaries to the Rasksasha

July 9thEdit


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Humites hate Noth, and begin a mass-cleanup
  • 2 PP - Destroy Artifact - The Grey Wastes are destroyed.


  • 3PP Ascend Exarch: Ahura the Reborn, a deva with a face half of light and half of shadow who is a +1 Nourish/Denourish exarch


The Empress(2490)

  • 2 PP +1 from the Land Spike Create Artifact (Greater) The Imperial Chains: This impossibly long chain is wound about every demon in existence. The other end is held firmly in the grasp of the Empress, which means that she pretty much has control over the demons. However, this is mostly just fluff. If a demon were free of the Chain, he would retain no loyalty to the Empress. This also means that every demon in this world is wrapped in chains, which coil around the demon, and then trail behind it, vanishing in mid-air, though perhaps linking it to other demons present. These do not interfere with the demon's movement or attacks in any way, and again, is mostly just fluff. The Chains provide 1 PP for Imprison actions.


  • 1 PP (from COnvincer): Guide populace (lesser): gnomes settle in Terena along with the humites.
  • 1 PP (from Chukwa): Nourish populace: Diaspora grows larger, becoming a self-sufficient town.
  • 1 PP: Guide Populace (-1 PP from contact):Gnomes learn Healing
  • 1 PP: Guide Populace (-1 PP from contact):Gnomes learn Clerics
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: the gnomes expand and Babble grows even larger

July 10thEdit


  • Create Artifact: The Star of Rage 4PP. The star gives it´s user 1 PP extra for shaping actions.


  • 2 PP Guide - (1 From Aether Ripples)Free Nation learn how to make "Dragon" class flying vessels. (EDITED FROM 1, Check the OOC For the reasons)
  • 2 PP Create Artifact - (1 from the Wondermaker), create the Sky Shaper, the first Hydra Class flying vessel, it provides a +1 combat bonus.
  • 1 Pp Nourish (From Bloodstones) - Free Nation
  • 1 PP Mold (From Bloodstones) - Bloodstone begun to appear in the Underdark


  • 1 PP (Artifact) + 1 PP - Create Artifact (Moderate) - Gray Wastes
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - A new leader comes to power on the Defense Coalition's Council, enacting several sweeping reforms in Terena
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Defense Coalition
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Humites learn warlord.


  • Disnourish population 1pp: Eijra attacks the Grey Wastes, killing of all undead life there.
  • Guide Populace 1PP from Exarch: Dragons move in large numbers to the Grey Wastes.


  • 3 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Shape Populace (Greater) - Dracoliches

July 11thEdit


  • 0 PP - Claim Exarch Nurgle (from Thann), if noone has already claimed him ofc.


  • 0+1 PP (King Valden) Guide Populace- Azorans start moving into the crater around Mt. Chapien to create the city Valden.
  • 2 PP Guide Populace- The Azorans now can build stone castles.
  • 2 PP Mold Land- Azor'Chapien's fortress is now created.


  • 3 pp: Create Artifact(greater)(using +1 from Gear of Creation): Gear of Creation now grants +1 Shape PP (So total +1 Create, Shape, and Spawn)
  • 2 pp: Crate Artifact(Intermediate): Gearblade, a +1 combat artifact (total +7 combat)
  • 1 pp: Guide Populace(Lesser)(City of Gears): Warforged contact elves in the desert
  • 1 pp * 2: 2 Nourish populaces(One from Gears): Warforged grow in strength.


  • 1 PP Nourish Populace - Lycanthropes - Lycanthropacy spreads to Dwarves
  • 1 PP Guide Populace - Karak Rik Guild - Starts targeting a few dopplegangers.
  • 1 PP Nourish Populace - Karak Rik Guild - The Guild continues to expand.
  • 2 PP Guide Populace (1 from artifact) - Dark Eladrin - Learn the Warlord Class
  • 1 PP (from artifact ) - Nourish Dark Eladrin
  • 2 PP - Nourish Populace - Maran worhipers expand in Eladrin and Elves respectively (1 each).


  • +1PP (Fang) Mold Land: The land of Ardune surrounding the Provost's Halls becomes riddled with cave-like warrens and pitfalls.
  • 1PP Guide Populace: Rakshasa from The Well send emissaries to the minotaurs.
  • +1PP (The Code) Guide Populace: Beacon sends scholars in search of the Lorekeepers.
  • 1PP Guide Populace: Beacon learns Cartography (-1PP from Free Nation contact)

The Empress(2510)

  • 3 PP Ascend Exarch: Grugarch the Hungerer: This massive mote of black tar floats in the Palace of Xa'an. Even though the Empress already has a Spawn artifact, Grugarch provides 1 PP towards Spawn actions.
  • 1 PP +1 from the Rain Spawn Beast (Moderate) Black Motes: These are basically miniature versions of Grugarch., and mostly just orbit him.


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Continued to be bolstered by devilish allies, Asilia prepares to launch their final assault on the forces of Patren, stretched this by their other two wars.
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Changlings within Meribia take steps to curb the influence and abilities of their new foe.
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Meribia


  • 1 PP - Nourish Terenas Humites.


  • 1PP + 1 from Beryl: Teach gnolls (both Slaughter and Hunt) the warlock class. Gnolls of Slaughter specialize in the Infernal pact, and though other pacts are possible they are rare and generally viewed as pathetic weaklings.

Week of July 12th – July 18thEdit

July 12thEdit


  • 1+1 PP Guide Populace (King Valden)- The Azorans now know the warlord class.
  • 2 PP- Guide Populace- The Azorans now know the fighter class.


  • Shape Populace ( Epic ) 3PP+1PP from Exarch: Fey Dragons.
  • Guide Populace 1PP from Exarch: Fey Dragons settle in the Feywyld and in the main world in small numbers


  • 2PP - Create Plane (Lesser) Hmai is now my gods homeplane.
  • 2PP - Shape Populace (Lesser) The Shades. a mystical race made from concentrated Shadowstuff.


  • 1PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace x2 - Some gnomes worship Shurka, and some humites worship Nixis.


  • 2 PP: Guide Populace: Gnomes learn Rogue
  • 1 PP (From Convincer): Guide Populace: Gnomish Rogues form the Circle of Unseen Shadows, a thieves guild devoted in part to the distribution of Noth. It forms small branches in many cities of the world, but its main base lies in Alexandria


  • 3 pp: Create Artifact(Greater)(Gear of Creation): Gear Prison, provides +1 Imprison PP
  • 2 pp: 2 Nourish Populace(Gears): Warforged in the Iron State grow stronger and more numerous
  • 1 pp: Guide Populace(Lesser): Warforged nation (not Patren's warforged), call themselves the Iron State
  • 2 pp: Shape Populace(Gear of Creation): Warforged in the Iron State change their racial stats
  • 2 pp: Guide Populace(Greater)(City of Gears): Warforged learn the Sorcerer and Invoker classes


  • 0 PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace - Terena is now a democracy
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Terena is open to new nations, wanting trade.
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - The humites send out airships to find new trading partners. They do this via the Feywyld to avoid attacks on their ships (If you recall I created portals to the Feywyld in the Bloodmyst Archipelago) The first place they find is the Free Nation.
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - Humites learn economics, and have a currency system.
  • 0 PP [+1 Eorna] - Nourish Populace - The humites are happy under their new leadership


  • 1 PP - Nourish Terenas Humites.


  • 2PP + 1 From Pools = The Rainbow Pools now provides Nourish PP in addition to Create PP
  • 0PP + 1 From Veil = Tropical birds spread across the continent
  • 1 PP = Nourish the gnolls.

July 13thEdit


  • 3PP Create Artifact, Greater: Malrime Fyrstar
  • 2PP Create Artifact, Medium: Vaults of the Academy (Allow instantaneous transport of non-animate goods between the Vaults and Ssabrec.)
  • 2PP Nourish Populous: Imperium (Assemble fleet of Berg Ships, mobilize more legions.)


  • 1 PP Guide Free Nation learn economics, and have a currency system.
  • 2 PP Guide Free nation currency and economic theories are introduced to the Warforged and Beacon.


  • PP Mold Land (from Bloodstones), create Bloodstone spires in the new desert.
  • 1 PP Create (from the Wondermaker), create the Twisting Hart (it is a mortal only artifact weapon and fluffwise is a channel for Hensen power (but does not provide any PP).
  • 1 PP Nourish - Free Nation golden age continue
  • 1 PP Nourish (from Bloodstones), Free Nations, the bloodborn number keep increasing, but something dark is hidden in their heart.
  • 1 Pp Guide (from aether Ripples) the Bloodguard learn combat Tattics.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Gnolls of the Way of Slaughter worship Gorion, and through him, Veros.
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - The Defense Coalition begins building a secret city far to the south


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Karak Guild - Contact with the Drathorn (via Humites)
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Karak Guild - Importing Noth directly from the Drathorn (I believe this requires the approval of Ritreaude due to an artifact or some agreement?)
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace (Artifact) - Karak Guild - Control most of Meribia's sea trade, ports, etc.
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Artifact)- Meribia - Lycanthropes, Dopplegangers, Vampires, and the Guild all fighting a war of subterfuge against each other.
  • 3 PP - Create Artifact - Major Artifact - An incomplete artifact, this part will provide Create/Decreate PP
  • 1 PP - Create Artifact - Minor Artifact - A second piece of the incomplete artifact.


  • 2PP (1 from Astral Shard): Create Artifact (Moderate): Ivory Gate of Diaspora. This Ivory archway will sometimes appear on the surface of the world to those in danger, offering a way out, which leads to the town of Diaspora on Chukwa's Back. At any time, a person on Chukwa's back can choose to return to the surface at a point of their choosing by stepping back through the gate.
  • 1 PP (From Chukwa): Nourish Populace: The town of Diaspora expands as the gnomes prepare to welcome those traveling in from the Gate.

July 14thEdit

The Empress(2552)

  • 3 PP Ascend Exarch: The Dark: This exarch of fear is trapped, somewhere beneath the Shattered Lands. It uses fear both as a weapon, and as sustenence and grows powerful by feeding on the fear of those around it. It also provides 1 PP for Nourish/Denourish actions.


  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: Circle of Unseen Shadows: The Circle grows larger and more powerful and begins to eye new ways of gaining influence.


  • 1PP from the Great Cathedral +1PP, Guide Populace: Humans learn Alchemy
  • 1PP from Stars +1PP, Nourish Populace: Alexandria is strengthened by its experiments
  • 2PP, Nourish Populace: Gnomes (specifically the Circle)
  • 2PP, Nourish Populace: Angels, a byproduct of the Noth experiment


  • +1PP (The Code) Guide Populace: The Well forms an egalitarian warrior society.
  • 1PP +1PP (Fang the Delver) Mold Land: A jagged mountain range surrounds The Well and its territory.


  • 2 PP -1PP (cultural contact) Guide Populace: The Well learns the Sorceror class.
  • 2PP Guide Populace: The Well learns Weaponsmithing
  • 2PP -1PP (cultural contact) Guide Populace: Beacon learns Ritual Casting


  • (Spending Shurka's 2 PP on Create Artifact - Moderate - with combat effect. Another piece to still uncomplete artifact).


  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Minotaurs learn Warden
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (Greater) - Minotaurs learn Druid
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Warforged take up the worship of Veros
  • 1 PP - Nourish Land - Large Deathjump spiders begin to inhabit Ardune.
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Shape Populace (Lesser) - Asilia becomes Tieflings
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Minotaurs
  • 1 PP - Mold Land (Lesser) - The bloodstone vegetation, bloodstones, andthe glass temple in the desert are destroyed by determined eladrin and shadar-kai warriors from Sivera


  • 2 pp [Create moderate artifact] Orb of Misdirection
  • 4 pp[Shape Populace Greater] to create the Lich


  • 2PP [+1 Eorna] - Guide Populace x3 - Humites, Warforged, and Elves no longer worship Veros.


  • 4PP (1 from Ssabrec)-Nourish Populous: Imperium


  • Using 3 PP from Shurka: Create Artifact - Greater - Another piece, provides Create/Decreate, but as it is Shurka's divine power, thus it is keyed to Shurka and not Mara.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - A large majority of the Defense Coalition abandons the defense, fleeing or openly turning traitor. Those in the know gathered their families and fled under the guise of refugees, slowly making their way south.


  • 1 PP (From Convincer): Guide Populace: Legitimate Humite Refugees (not defense coalition) sometimes find their way to the city of Diaspora and settle there.

July 15thEdit


  • 1PP- Form Domain, Lesser (Bards)
  • 1PP- Guide Populace, Lesser (A select few bards and musicians from across the world. A small population of about 50 combined, gathered from each race and tribe, begin to preach that Starl exists. They are not yet believed.)
  • 2PP- Create Artifact (Moderate) The Flute of Aura. The Flute plays a beautiful, but eerie music the echoes throughout the cavernous area in which Starl and his followers reside, the music is in fact a monitoring system. Should any enter the caverns with hostile intent, the music stops. This generally gives Starl enough time to prepare, should it be needed. Provides a +1 Combat Bonus.


  • 2 PP = Sons of the Hunt (and ONLY the followers of the Way of the Hunt) learn carpentry, especially bows, arrows and rudimentary shelters.
  • 2 PP = Gnolls learn the Ranger class


  • 1 pp: Guide Populace(Lesser)(City of Gears): Warforged move into Mechanus and found a city on the gears. It is called the Far Home.
  • 1 pp: Nourish Populace(Gears): Far Home prospers and grows strong
  • 2 pp: Guide Populace(Lesser): Far Home tames Mech swarms of Mechanus and sends them to the prime to strengthen the Iron State.
  • 3 pp: Create Artifact(Greater)(Gear of Creation): City of Gears, provides +1 Mold PP, so +1 Guide and Mold total


  • Disnourish Population 3PP- Masive earthquakes kill off vast amounts of Ice Giants.
  • Destroy Land 2PP- Vast tracts of the land is ripped apart by earthquakes and swallowed by a gluttonous ocean.


  • 1PP-Attack God: Shurka


  • 1 PP Guide (from aether ripples), the Free Nation invasion of Terena begins. Roughly half of the invasion force will strike cohordinating with the Imperium, while the other will go and conquer other lands, Yorik purpose was to put as many humites as possible under Free Nation control in order to protect them from being conquered by the giants, however both halves of the army will still help with the Imperium in case of a fight


  • 1 PP [+1 Eorna] - Denourish Populace x2 - Many imperium berg ships are destroyed by what look like shooting stars.


  • 2 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Greater) - The Hellfire Arc. This gateway can open portals to the prime world as well as otherplanes. It requires a god/exarch to use activate it though. Non-devils attempting to use a portal create by it take xd10 damage, where X is equal to twice their level.


  • 0PP + 1 from Veil: Spawn Macetail Behemoths.


  • 1 PP: Denourish Populace: Legion Devils. What do you know? Legion Devils are allergic to Noth, and in a bad way... at least for now.


  • 2PP-Mold Land:Imperium


  • Create Artifact – 6 PP - All Combat PP. (Full description of artifact is on this post)


  • 1+1 PP (King Valden) Guide Populace: The Azorans have mastered the techniques of steel armor and weapons.
  • 2 PP Guide Populace: The Azorans have mastered agriculture.
  • 1 PP Nourish Populace: The Azorans prosper.


  • 1 PP - Chroma forms the lesser domain of Joy

July 16thEdit


  • 1PP from Exarch: Guide Populace, Fey Dragons swoops down from the Feywyld and settles the Imperium.


  • 1 - Help Vymrl in the fight with Shurka, however Hensen support only in subduing Shurka and not in killing him.


  • 1 PP (From Astral Shard): Create Artifact(s?): Library Portal Stones: A set of stones that allows the user to enter the Library.


  • 3pp- Create Greater Domain from 3 Lesser Domains- Courage, Day, and Insight. Greater Domain- Radiance


  • 1 PP from Veil: Nourish gnolls


  • 1 PP: Guide Populace(-1 for proximity): Gnomes learn Silverworking from the Alexandrians.
  • 1 PP: Guide Populace(-1 for proximity): Gnomes learn Alchemy from the Humites
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace(The Circle): The Circle grows in power, gaining influence amongst those living on the edges of the city and beyond.


  • 1PP from Great Cathedral +1PP, Guide Populace: Alexandria discovers the secrets of Noth, and refine a drug from it aptly dubbed Madness. This new drug tends to cause severe psychological damage in those who take it and is highly addictive.
  • 1PP from Stars +1PP, Nourish Populace: Angels develop the Angel of Supremacy and Authority.
  • 1PP from Leylines +1PP, Spawn Template: Archangels... a direct result of Noth experiments.

July 17thEdit


  • 1 PP (From Chukwa): Nourish Populace. Diaspora grows even larger as the humite refugees begin to integrate into the city.

July 18thEdit


  • 1PP +1PP (Rabi the Smith) Create Demiplane: The Delver's Knot now acts as a doorway into a separate space, The Place Between Places. The plane is shaped like the inside of a doughnut; gravity points towards the "exterior" surface, and the Skyway River flows through the center.
  • +1PP (The Code) (-1 for cultural contact) Guide Populace: Beacon learns Combat Tactics from Free Nation trade guards.
  • +1PP (Ahura the Reborn) Nourish Populace: Beacon grows in strength
  • 3PP Create Artifact: Rabi fashions The Zenith, a portal in the Place Between Places. It can be tuned to form a temporary portal to any location on the Prime plane. It also grants +1 Create PP, which automatically forms a 1PP permanent portal to any new moderate or greater landmass formed in the Prime plane.


  • 2 - Shape Template, Unshaped possessed (mecchanincally this is like Ghost possessed, but I'll restat it soon) , for now the Unshaped can exist only in this form however in the future as they adapt to the world a "pure" form will be spawned. (They are not immortal servants of Hensen)
  • 1 - PP (Nourish, from Bloodstones), Many Unshaped merge with the fey dragons and then turn against thei old brethren (since dragons are solo monsters I think I'll stat a slightly different template for them)
  • 1 PP - Mold (from Bloodstones) create the glass labyrinth under the desert.
  • 1 PP - Create (from the Wondermaker), the Aegis of Lies. (its purpose is to negate non PP action against the invasion forces)


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Humites worship Veros
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Warforged worship Veros
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Elves worship Veros
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Deva
  • 1 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Plane (Lesser) - The Gray Wastes takes on some of the properties of a demi-plane

The Empress(2703)

  • 3 PP Ascend Exarch Tarrasque the Bloody: This exarch is bound within the earth beneath Taldar, waiting to be called upon. He shares the statistics of the Tarrasque from the Monster Manual. He provides 1 PP towards Create actions.
  • 3 PP Ascend Exarch Kismet the Cold: This terrifying exarch of winter exists deep beneath the continent of Ardune, and the powers of winter and cold are hers to command. She provides 1 PP for Nourish actions.


  • 1 PP - Mold Land - Staircase of the Magistrates collapses, the large stones falling to the ground in a scattered fashion.
  • 1 PP - Mold Land (from artifact) - City of Beacon, the city falls down, its base splitting apart and the entirety heavily damanged. The Court of the Magistrates suffers damage but remains intact.
  • 1 PP - Denourish Populace (from exarch) - Beacon - Many people die from the disaster.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Alexandria worships Veros


  • 1 PP - Guide, the Unshaped Possessed worship Hensen.


  • 1 pp [Guide] Guides assassins to worship him.
  • 2 pp [Guide] Guide the lich to worship him and go to his incomplete city.


  • 1 PP Aid- Azor'Chapien aids Shurka.
  • 1 PP Mold Land- A small island appears off the coast of the Gray Wastes.
  • 1 PP Create Artifact- Two matching portals appear on the island and Azora.
  • 1 PP Guide- The Azorans enter the portal, to find themselves on the island so close to the Gray Wastes.
  • 0+1 PP (King Valden)- The Azorans begin the imediate construction of a fortress on the island.


  • 1PP-Attack God: Shurka
  • 3PP (Ssabrec)- Nourish Populous: Imperium


  • 1 PP: Aid God (Shurka): Negating Shurka's -2 penalty from losing last turn. Vymrl and Shurka are even now.

Week of July 19th – July 25thEdit

July 19thEdit


  • 1 pp: Nourish Populace(Gears): Warforged.
  • 3 pp: Guide populace(Greater)(City of Gears) and a Guide Populace(Lesser): Loremasters learn Artificer class and those artificers pay respects to Kiptar. (not really sole worship, but he is the god of crafting, and they are crafters).


  • 1PP- Guide Populace(Skreet)- The Skreet Worship Starl
  • 3PP- Create Artifact (Greater)- The Pipes of Harn. These pipes play a merry tune to all who will listen, and they feel compelled to dance along to this wishes of the playful jig. Creates 1PP for Guide purposes.


  • 1PP-Guide Populous, Lesser: Humites begin to worship Vymrl


  • 2PP- create moderate artifact: Chackram now has a +2 bonus.


  • 1 PP - Destroy the Divine Blockade


  • 1PP-Create Artifact, Lesser: Shroud of Veros
  • 1PP (Artifact)-Create Beast, Lesser: Denizens


  • 1PP + 1 Guide from Beryl: Transport the Genasi earthmote in the Chaos to Ardune
  • 2PP Mould Action: Create the Chaos Wastes, a desolate wasteland that can barely support life. It does however possess some shrubbery, and beasts with the Chaos template. The genasi make their home here in the ruins of their earthmote
  • 1PP + 1 Spawn from Veil: Spawn the Chaos template, details to come.
  • 1 Create PP from Fountain: The Chaos Anomalie grows slightly stronger, though still only provides +1 Combat
  • 1 Denourish PP from Fountain: The genasi live, but are severely damaged from the crash.

July 20thEdit


  • 2 PP: Create Artifact(Intermediate)(Gear of Creation): Gearblade provides an additional +1 combat, to a total of +2, which makes my total +8
  • 1 PP: Guide populace(Lesser): Warforged send an expedition to the polar hole and into it.


  • 1PP Mold Land: The Steps of the Magistrate spread out to become guardtowers. Broken blocks and other debris form a wall around Beacon lands.
  • +1PP (Fang the Delver) Mold Land: Courts transported into the Place Between Places
  • +1PP (Ahura the Reborn) Nourish Populace: The rubble falls in ordered fashion into the space vacated by the Courts, forming a shield overhead.
  • 2PP Spawn Beast (Paragon): As some of the stones of the Steps of the Magistrate crack, Windfiend Furys tear out into the world.


  • 1PP-Guide Populous: Some Loremaster's worship Vymrl (My earlier guide has been discounted)


  • 1 PP (From Convincer): Guide Populace: Some Humans begin worshiping Nixis
  • 2 PP: Guide Populace: The Circle gains the ability to brew a variety of poisons
  • 1 PP: Guide Populace (-1 from Proximity): The Circle steals the research on Noth and uses it to create their own drug, gNoth.


  • 1PP from the Great Cathedral, Guide Populace: Humans learn to make poisons.

1PP, Guide Populace: Alexandria develops Life's Bane as a specialized poison. Forever corrupting a weapon with virulent poison.

  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Alexandria moves into battle against the Imperium.
  • 1PP, Guide Populace: Alexandria begins to pry into the affairs of the Circle, currently moving against them as they've taken actions against the power structure of our fair nation. But there's room for the situation being saved.


  • 1PP-Nourish Populous: Imperium


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - The Vymrl worshippers are thrown out.
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - The former human loremasters, worshippers of Vymrl, return to Alexandria, taking their worship with them, ie. Alexandria has Vymrl worshippers instead of the loremasters.
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Silvera attacks the invaders
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Meribia attacks the invaders
  • 2 PP – Guide Populace (Greater) – Meribia develops something resembling guns
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace (Lesser) - The Loremasters attack the invaders


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Some in Beacon worship Mara.


  • 4 PP - Shape Epic Race the Unshaped, Hensen demons and immortal servants. They represent the stronger breed of the Unshaped and are able to manifest, even if shortly in creation, in areas prepared with proper magic, these creatures can freely exist in other planes.

Mind that while the pure form qualify for the "immortal servant" rule the Unshaped Possessed that are controlled by weaker form of these demonic creatures and will not be able to manifest in creation using their "natural form", they are considered an indipendent race and require normal guides and counting toward the PP expenditure.

  • 1 PP - Mold (from Bloodstones), create a large moutain in Chillhund extreme south as a place for the portal to stand.
  • 1 PP - Create (from the Wondermaker), the Southern Rift, a permanent portal between the Grand Distortion and creation.
  • 1 PP Guide (from the Aether Ripples)- Unshaped Possessed learn ritual casting from the Free Nations (and the giants).
  • 1 PP - Norish (from Bloodstones), the Unshaped Possessed spread to the Free Nation military hierarchy and to the city state of Nitha.


  • 1 PP (From Chukwa): Nourish Population. Humites and Gnomes return to the region around Terena from Diaspora, helping the above armies reclaim the land.


  • 1PP from Stars, Nourish Populace: Alexandria
  • 1PP, Nourish Populace: Alexandria.

July 21stEdit


  • 1 pp: Guide Populace(Greater)(cultural Contact): Warforged learn the Spellscarred refluff that the Free nation has, but they can choose to bear the runes of it or not, since warforged are unaffected by the mutations.


  • 1 PP Guide Populace: Assassins form The Guild. [Rest is largely fluff, although it does spread through most of the civilized world]


  • 1PP-Guide Populous, Greater: Ice Monoliths learn Formation Fighting


  • 2 PP - Spawn Creature (Moderate) - Blood wisps are created. They give no advantage or disadvatage to either side. Stats will be on the wiki.
  • 3 PP [+1 Eorna] - Nourish Populace x4 - Humites


  • 1 PP (From Astral Shard): Create Artifact (minor): Dice of Divine Fortune. A gambler's best friend, these dice will supernaturally roll better the more money is at stake. In a smart gambler's hands, it will allow for the reaping of great sums of money. In a greedy gambler's hands, the dice will appear loaded, and bad things will result. It also provides +1 to all defenses save AC when carried in a pouch around one's neck.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: The Circle. gNoth is a success, and the Circle grows in power.


  • 1 Nourish - The Unshaped Possessed begin taking over some doppleganger and to manipulate the killing pattern to increase their power in Free Nations military


  • 1 PP - Nourish Poulace - Dark Eladrin - Populations continue to grow (this action happens before next)
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace (1 from AO) - The Dark Eladrin splits into 5 Clan Nations. These nations now operate as seperate groups for Guide actions, and the race cannot be guided as a whole with 1 PP.
  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - 1 clan makes contact with the shifters
  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Elves completely shut their borders to foreigners.


  • 1 PP - De-Nourish Populace - The loremasters defenses shred the Imperium air force
  • 1 PP - De-Nourish Populace - The Free Nation forces grow weaker from lack of suppliers, healers, blacksmiths, and other such specialists.
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Doppelgangers prove unusually resistant to unshaped possession.
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Mold Land (Lesser) - An extensive tunnel system under Terena
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Loremaster Keep becomes an artifact.


  • 1 PP - Karak-Rik learns flame guns or whatever their called (gunpowder tech).


  • 1PP-Guide Populous, Greater: Imperium learns how to create Bloodborn
  • 1PP-Guide Populous, Greater: Imperium learns Necromancy
  • 2PP-Guide Populous, Greater: Imperium learns Static Fields, making Flame Shooters irrelevant and arrows less useful
  • 3PP (Ssabrec)-New technologies are disseminated, Imperium's forces bolstered.
  • 1PP (Flesh-Pools of Asem)- Spawn Beast, Heroic: Fast Zombies


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - De-Nourish Populace - Imperium


  • 1 PP Guide: Independant warforged start to worship Honissia
  • 1 PP Guide: Assassins Guild establishes meeting requirements to help keep members safe.


  • 4 PP - Spawn Creature x2. Created Death Wisps and Life Wisps.

July 22ndEdit


  • 3PP - Mould Land, Greater - The Skreet network of tunnels greatly expands, reaching to the Northern edge of 'the Continent'. However, it has no openings to the outside world as of yet....
  • 2PP- Guide populace (1PP+1 artifact Guide PP) The Skreet Learn the Sorceror PC class.


  • 2 PP: The Azorans can ride horses.
  • 2 PP: The Azorans have mastered sailing.
  • 0+1 PP (King Valden): The Azorans enter the Gray Wastes.


  • 1 PP (from Convincer): Guide Populace: Some Azorans, too frail to survive in the grey wastes, join the ever-growing city of Diaspora.
  • 1 PP (-1 from connection): Guide populace: Azorans learn Cleric.
  • 1 PP (from Chukwa); Nourish populace: The Azorans gain strength and slow the decay imposed by the grey wastes. With a great deal of support from Azora proper, the settlement survives, if unhappily.


  • 2 pp: Guide populace(Greater)(City of Gears): Warforged learn about Advanced Combat techniques, like major tactical stuff.
  • 1 pp: Nourish Populace(Gears): Warforged grow stronger.
  • 3 pp: 3*Guide Populace(Lesser): Iron, Adamite, and Gold dragons officially join the Iron State, and are counted under it.

July 23rdEdit


  • 1PP from the Great Cathedral: The Kai Shomar Ko'tan if formed. This elite military organization only accepts alexandrians. Unlike other military bands in Alexandria its services are not for sale.
  • 3PP, Ascend Exarch: The Kai Shomar Ko'tan function as a combat exarch. Note that the constituents of the band are each as mortal as their race dictates, though usually of Paragon or higher tier.
  • 1PP from the Stars, Nourish Populace: Alexandria, envigored by combat.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Latane Nation - Begins expanding against the Shifters, fighting, killing, low level war, etc.


  • +1PP (The Zenith) Create Artifact: The Zenith (the 3PP portal from 2 resets ago) creates a permanent portal to Zophia.
  • 1PP +1PP (The Code) Guide Populace: Beacon learns Fortification (to include stone and earthworks). They do not offer this tech for normal trade, but may sell it.


  • 2 PP - Guide Intelligent Populace: The chaos from their landing alters the genasi slightly. Long story short, instead of choosing one manifestation, or several and switching between them, Ardune genasi wake up with a manifestation determined with a dice roll. Will actually put up in wiki when can get stable internet ^_^;;
  • 1 Guide PP from Beryl - Genasi form a cast based system based on manifestation: fire is soldier and guards, earth are labourers, blue are merchants and beaurocrats, wind are scouts, messengers and hunters, and storm are judges and nobles. Priests remain priests and can be of any manifestation
  • 1PP - Guide Populace: The Ardune genasi now worship Chroma, though they still hold onto their old beliefs as well, forming a sort of 'traditionalist' church and 'new' church.
  • 1 Nourish PP from fountain: the land around the genasi's fallen earthmote becomes fertile
  • 1 Spawn PP from veil: Create bloodspike behemoths
  • 1 PP - Form Domain: Chroma creates the domain of the Forgotten, pledging to take care of those that time forgot.


  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - Minotaurs, using their deathjump spider mounts, are able to inflict devastating ambushes on gnoll packs by moving through the dense foliage of the jungle.


  • 1 PP: Guide Populace: The people on Chukwa's back (Azorans, Humites and Gnomes primarially), form the Children of the Aether.
  • 1 PP: Nourish Populace: The Children of the Aether grow until they nearly overwhelm the ability of their island in the Aether to support them.
  • 3 PP (one from Astral Shard): Create Artifact: The staff of Earth: Tall clay staff that provides Mold PP.

July 24thEdit

July 25thEdit


  • 1 PP - Nourish: The Free Nations, recover from the war losses thanks to the new trading agreements.
  • 1 PP - Nourish: The Imperium was paid a rich compensation from the Free Nations to recover some of the military costs.
  • 1 PP Guide, the Free Nation went on an exploration-diplomatic mission to the Dark Eladrin land (who they are going to meet is up to Massive).
  • 2 PP Guide (1 PP from Aether Ripples), The Possessed Ones and their allies discover that they can create an unholy symbiosis between the possessing spirit and the host, that become capable of wielding warlock powers (for now it will be nechanically considered Vestige Pact, to represent the higly mutable power of the Unshaped)
  • 1 PP Guide, the Shadow Walker tribe is formed
  • 1 PP Nourish (From Bloodstones), The Possessed Ones (in Shadow Walker clan), the number of possessed ones in Zophia increase.
  • 1 PP Create (from the Wondermaker), in Chillhund the of the Possessed Ones crete the Orb of Nightmares, as the first part of the weapon that they promised to make for the giants.
  • 1 PP Mold (From Bloodstones), Bloodstone keeps diffusing in the Underdark, moving toward the dimentional bulkwark and the inner world, some of its crystals even emerge in the Skreet tunnels.


  • 1 PP - Guide Populace - Ae-Sylvani - the Ae-Sylvani who live in the outer aether now worship Mara.
  • 2 PP (1 PP from Astral Orrery) - Guide Populace - the outer-world living Ae-Sylvani now know Astronomy.
  • 3 PP - Ascend Exarch - Zaratans - All the Zaratans, collectively (except for Nixis's one Zaratan) are now a an Exarch of Mara, providing +1 Spawn PP.


  • 2PP, Nourish Populace: Alexandria continues to gain power as its armies are tempered and mercenary guilds begin to sell their skills openly in other nations.
  • 1PP, Create Artifact: The Art of War (likely a working title, though it WOULD be appropriate. This tome as a collection of all the combat knowledge gained by Alexandrian soldiers and mercenaries (of course all the soldiers ARE mercenaries so that might be redundant).


  • 2 PP [+1 Eorna] - Nourish Populace x3 - Imperium


  • 3 PP Create Artifact: The Nadir is similar to The Zenith, but instead of providing a temporary portal to any Prime location, it can form a temporary portal to any other plane (but not specific locations on other planes). It also provides a +1 Create PP, which it automatically expends to form a permanent portal to any newly-created Greater plane.
  • +1PP (Ahura the Reborn) Nourish Populace: With the return of Ahura, the citizens of Beacon are spurred to greater effort in rebuilding and fortifiying their lands.
  • 1PP Guide Populace (-1 from Minotaur cultural contact): The Well learns the sorceror class.


  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Sivera
  • 1 PP - Nourish Populace - Meribia
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Guide Populace (Lesser) - Paladin class spreads through Meribia
  • 2 PP + 1 PP (Artifact) - Shape Populace (Moderate) - Wights
  • 3 PP - Ascend Exarch - Loremaster keep gains full sentience, and gains the ability to expand part of itself to distant locations. The keep provides Guide PP.
  • 1 PP (Artifact) - Create Artifact (Lesser) - Staff of Sorcery.


  • 1+1 PP (King Valden): The Azorans learn the paladin class.


  • 0 PP - 1 Guide PP From Beryl - Guide Populace - The gnolls of the Hunt send a party of envoys to the minotaurs in an attempt to explain that gnoll society isn't as monolothic as it may seem. This might be something to carry over to mortal stories


  • 1 PP (Guide) Previously independant warforged form a small nation.
  • 2 pp (Guide) Farenglade Produces Rangers
  • 1 PP (Nourish) Farenglade grows in population


  • 2 pp: Guide Populace(greater)(City of gears)(cultural contact(meribia)): Iron state learns bard class.
  • 1 pp: Guide Populace(lesser): Iron state creates outposts around the polar opening.
  • 2 + 2 pp: 2 Guide Populace(greater): Iron State masters airships (This is reduced through contact with the Free nation?) and perfects the technology so they can go to the edge of the atmosphere and go to the Azure Aegis, as well as being able to stay up for almost a year at a time.
  • 1 pp: Nourish Populace(Gears): Iron State grows stronger.
  • 1 pp: Nourish Populace: Far Home grows bigger.


  • 3 PP Ascend Exarch: Eon is now an Exarch (provides a a +1 combat bonus)


  • 2 PP - Guide Populace - The gnolls of the Way of the Hunt learn the Shaman class.
  • 2PP - Guide Populace - Devils begin accompanying the gnolls of the Way of Slaughter in battle. The gnolls consider ordinary devils to be similar to (standard) angels in function: warriors sent down by the greater gods to perform their divine will and help the faithful.

Week of July 26th – August 1stEdit