General InformationEdit

Name: Kiptar

Greater Domains:

Moderate Domains: Artifice

Lesser Domains Constructs, Warforged, Metallic Dragons

Alignment: Unaligned

Appearance: A largish humanoid golem made visibly form clockwork and other mechanical parts. The parts that make up the outside, the "Skin" suggest scales to the onlooker. This gives him a vaguely draconic look.

Symbol: A small white gear on a larger black gear.


Mechanus - a clockwork plane

Mech Swarms - swarms of self reproducing minuscule machines.

Ooze Golems: Mechanically the Treasure Golems from Dracomicon 1, but with the immortal origin, and they give him knowledge of what happens in the Skyway river, as well as knowing about any planes that are connected to it, but they stay in the Skyway, thus giving no information beyond knowledge of the planes existence, as well as its obvious qualities.

City of Gears: A floating city made completely of mechanical parts. It can be controlled by the Warforged, as well as by Kiptar should it become necessary. Most of the Warforged live on this.

Gear of Items: A paragon level artifact, grants its barer additional powers and control over the magical items that s/he carries with him/her.

Iron Dragons: Currently inhabit the Iron State controlled part of Ardune. Are members of the Iron State.

Adamite Dragons: Currently inhabit the northwest Iron State controlled area of the original continent. Are members of the Iron State.

Gold Dragons: Currently inhabit the northeast Iron State controlled portion of the original Continent. Are members of the Iron State.

Homunculi: All three in the MM1, used by the Iron State.

Artifacts and ExarchsEdit

Gear of Creation: +1 Spawn PP, +1 Create PP, +1 Shape PP, one of the gears in Mechanus, it moves around with alacrity, making it hard to find.

City of Gears: +1 Guide PP, The city that the Warforged mostly live in.

Gears: +1 Nourish PP Exarch, a warforged artificer that carries the Gear of Items with him currently

Gearblade and Armor of Gears: Both +1 combat artifacts

PP per turnEdit

5 pp

+1 Spawn PP (artifact)

+1 Guide PP (artifact)

+1 Create PP (artifact)

+1 Shape PP (artifact)

+1 Nourish PP (exarch)

+7 combat bonus

In Game InformationEdit

Channel DivintityEdit

Kiptar grants the Channel Divinity feat Gears of Power.

Gears of Power[Divinity]

Benefit: You can use the Gears of Power power as a Channel Divinity power.

Channel Divinity: Gears of Power

Encounter * Divine

Minor Action Close Burst 5

Target: One ally or self

Effect: Target gains temporary hit points equal to 1/2 you level + 1. In addition, the next attack they take before the end of their next turn has +1 to attack and damage. Increase to +2 for both effects at 11th level and +3 for both effects at 21st level.