Chactross is the 2nd god of the world and is the true name of "Fire."

Information BlockEdit

Name: Chactross

Greater Domains: Fire "Wild"  Magic

Moderate Domains: N/A

Lesser Domains: Pain

Shared Domains: N/A

Alignment: Unaligned

Physical Appearance: Chactross is a being made of fire ensconced in a suit of beautiful metal armor. Occasionally a shadow flickers through the Flames.

Symbol: None, Chactross is beyond these petty concerns.


Chactross was a mind that was completely innocent at one point. For one brief second. And then he became the Embodiment of fire, and his divinity warped. Pain and a sharpness of mind was important very suddenly. He was annoyed by the deities constantly introducing each other, so he wrote his name on the world.





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Misc CreationsEdit

Chactross created the first pillar, a pillar of fire. It serves primarily to remind anyone who can speak supernal what Chactross's name is, but also anchors the world to one place in the void.

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